My first love.

My first love was my first kiss as well as my first boyfriend, I was 13. I remember one spisific day when our friends (we had the same group of friends) were messing with me about my diary which had my bucket list in it. The last thing on my bucket list was "Fall in love" They were all saying how i should have crossed that off. This was about 3 months into the relationship and we hadnt said "I love you," but had been kissing (and frenching LOL,) for most of those 3 month. That day got me thinking, "Should we be in love?" I kept trying to try to look for proof that it was possible for me to be in love, and then one day I realized that if I was really in love I wouldn't have no doubt in my mind that I was in love. And then suddenly weeks later all the flaws I saw in him before disappeared. After that I was sure that it was love, because I thought about him constantly, and as I said he seemed so perfect. Anything I did like a movie I watched or a song I listened to had me thinking about him. To this day I still compare him to any boyfriend I have. I am sure I will never forget him.

Jul 13, 2016

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