I e********* on my own face to see what it feels like and to find out what my s**** tastes like. I sat down against a wall and put my legs in the air so my c** would land on my face. I didn't have the guts to keep my eyes open, but I felt about 10 shots of c** hit me in the face. Some of the sprays felt like they had a lot of c**, others felt lighter.

The c** landed on my chin, cheek, nose and in my open mouth. One of the shots hit the back of my throat. It was kind of warm and had a sticky consistency to it. I knew what c** was like of course but it felt different on my face and the bleachy smell was stronger. I had read about a salty taste, but all I could taste was the slimy texture.

It was hot and I'd do it again, but not very often. In p***** it looks like women enjoy this, but I can't imagine it's that pleasant for them. That being said, every time my gf lets me give her a facial (very rarely), I c** harder than I usually do.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I have done this many time. At first I wanted to see how girls could do it! I keep my eyes open because I like to watch the c** shoot down! I fell in love with doing it!

  • I have done it many times and it felt great and I keep my eyes open. I wanted to see what it was like and how girls could do it! I also don't open my mouth!

  • lol. actually, the idea is good and i've done that a few times, but i always aim away from my mouth at the last second (which is where i intended it to go) and then i'm not wholly pleased about having it on my face either. lol.

  • ^ ^^^^^Ummm, ok. . . .Anyways, nice job poster! Now you know how us girls feel! Personally, I would rather have it in my mouth than on my face, it seems to feel better to my bf too!

  • hi , i read your post and thank you for your candor, i have had s** with myself and it felt very good , funny how good i can make myself feel, you may want to try drinking fruit juices or something it helps with the taste...rarely , i will c** in a shot glass and drink it very erotic ....i love to watch myself c** , once when i was just out of basic training , i shot c** so hard that it sprayed on the wall behind me , i had not had s** in such a long time ...but in short i know how it feels....

  • ha ha ha

  • I've tried it but chickened out just before I came. the idea of it was hot, but I just didn't finish. I like stroking it a certain way at the end and couldn't do that in that position.

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