1 woman, 3 men

My greatest sexual fantasy is being f***** by three men at once. One in the ass, one in the v*****, one in the mouth. I am single and would feel like a complete w**** if i let this fantasy happen in real life. But I want it so bad.

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  • Nothing to be ashamed about, hope it happens to you. . . . when you least expect it xx

  • I will find two friends and make your fantasy real.

  • My wife's fantasy was to be f***** by two guys. We talk openly about s** and fantasies and she shared this one with me. Well, an old boyfriend of hers was in our town on business and we went to dinner with him. After a few drinks the talk got bawdy and I whispered to her that if she wanted us both we could go to his motel room. She immediately blurted out an invitation to the dude who eagerly accepted. It was somewhat awkward and he finished quickly but when he came back to town a few weeks later we gave it another try and it went very well. We did this a few more times and we both got very good at pleasing her completely. If the guys aren't uptight or secure in their sexuality it can fail, but if everyone knows the score and the focus is on pleasing the woman it can be great. I hope you get the chance to fulfill this fantasy.

  • Don't feel bad its not the worse thing to fantasize about, its normal to want something that seems taboo or forbidden. If you really feel its something you think about a lot and want to do it that much there are ways to set it up and a respectful enjoyable way. Other than that dont let others tell you your desires are demeaning, or your feelings are wrong. The worst you can do is push your feelings down and not recognize you have thems, if you push them down you will end up resenting yourself in the process. Ive been with girls that seem innocent or nice in public but freak in the sheats doesnt mean i thought of them different or felt they were a w****, if anything I thought it made them more desireable and interesting. Good luck hope you make the decision that satisfies your needs.

  • Lmao someone doesn't have morals. How is being banged by three guys at once respectful? If it isn't something you could ever want your grandmother or kids finding out, then yes, it is demeaning. Like normal respectful s** with my husband, if my kids ever found out or my grandmother found out, its not something I openly share with the world, however...its natural and okay between my husband and I. Therefore anyone else finding out isn't shameful. Group s** is TABOO for a reason. You think those guys aren't going to think she's a w****? Reality check, please. If she doesn't want to hear anyone's opinion, she should have just not posted. Not everyone is going to encourage disgusting fantasies, not everyone is going to think its okay. :/

  • So she shouldn't have s** until she is married?

  • That kind of seems...demeaning. I really hope you don't go through with that 'fantasy' ever. :/

  • Same. I am so sweet and innocent looking... but I am not.

  • WHAT??? Why can't you find 3 guys to fulfill your fantasy???

  • i have the exact same problem. I imagine that fantasy...but if anyone knew....they'd be totally surprised because of the type of girl i am...or they think i am at least...

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