College (Advice, please?)

My mother is trying to force me to go for yet another year of college. I have a two year degree and a good job. She wants me to get an office job, at a boring desk... I don't want to do that. She says she'll disown me if i don't do something with my life, but she can't see that I'm happy.
What should i do? I don't want to upset her (let alone get disowned), but i don't want her to control my life and what i do.

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  • Tell her that you're the one who will select her nursing home when she gets old and feeble and if she disowns you you will put her in the worst one in your area. Has she any assets that she will leave to you if she doesn't disown you? If not, what have you got to lose??

  • A real mother, wouldn't blackmail their child. Tell her to get her ass in College and study for a degree herself, the selfish t***!!

  • Do part time college, and continue the work you love

  • Tell ur mothes its ur life and to go have a s**** for herself

  • Do a psychology degree and work out how to resist her control without her realising it.

  • This is a tough one. Perhaps you can take night classes?

  • You're an adult. Your mother is being unreasonable and is pretty immature to be threatening you with disowning you if you don't do as she says. You can tell her that you love her and you will look into schools as a consideration to her. But you are not making any promises. Explain to her that you're happy with where you are working and what you are doing. And you are living your own life and on your terms. Tell her you would like her support (even if she disagrees) don't want to be disowned, but if that's the price... you hope that she'll reconsider.

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