My dads girlfriend

My dads girlfriend and I had to go to town and I was wearing these shorts that where white at the top and blue st the bottom. I didnt have boxers on and she thought it would be funny to splash some water on my shorts not realizing that i didn't have boxers on and she could see through my shorts and said woah I can see through your pants and she said take it out and we pulled over and had s** right on the hood of our truck.

Jul 18, 2016

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  • My uncle's hot, blonde, huge-boobed gf, years ago, jerked me off when he went for food one weekend while we were docked at the boathouse. She was younger than him, a bit of a bimbo (we called her Flopsie, since she was an airhead and her t*** bounced up and down when she moved) and really only with him for his money, so, I saw her as fair game. She also ate up compliments like candy. Telling her she looked good, or, in her amazing, red bikini on the boat, hot, just reeled her right in.

    When he left for the food, she knew I was hard for her, and asked me..While he's gone, do you want me to take care of that for you? I said yes, and, inside the boat cabin, got a class-A hand job from her. We'd make it a regular thing every time I went to the boat.

  • Why the hood, why not the seat? Must have bee a bit hard to do on the hood!

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