My baby sitter

I was twelve and naïve. The babysitter came and he was hardly older than me I think he was 15 or 16. He reheated the mac and cheese and we watched a movie. It was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone. It was a long movie. My younger brother and sister fell asleep.
I remember him carrying them off to their bedrooms and then microwaving a bag of popcorn. We sat together and I laid my hand on his thigh during a scary part. he didn't say anything. I let my hand drift toward his crotch. He had a woody, very stiff. I was surprised because it was smaller than mine (which made an obvious tent in my shorts).
Neither of us breathed a word as he pulled down my Jordan boxers, and leaned over me.
It was then that I learned that the skin around my d*** could be pulled back and he did so gently. The minute his mouth encapsulated my turgid member I blew like a fountain. Volley after volley. I had never experienced anything like it (actually I had not discovered masturbation Yet) I shuddered. I think we were both embarrassed. He hugged me and we spooned on the couch until my parents came home.
He baby sat us about 30 or 40 times.
He left for college I don't know where he is now but he was my first love.

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  • A man wrote this

  • Your a straight up child molseter. Turn your ass in!

  • I am embarrassed to say that when I was 19, I babysat a boy of 12. If he wanted to watch TV which he always did because his parents used to not let him, I would make him sit on my lap in his pyjamas. I would run my fingers up the inside of his thigh. I told him if he tried to stop me or wriggled then no more TV and off to bed. So he would just sit there and put up with it.

    I'm disgusted with my younger self. I sometimes wonder what I would do if he reported this abuse. Would I fight it. Would I deny it. Would I accept it and confess and apoligise and accept that I might go to jail.

  • Middle aged man having a fantasy.

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