help me

so my mom is forcing me to go on an interview that dont really want to go on but under normal circumstances would because i need a job but the catch is its on a day that i have lots of plans and i cant get out of it because i have plans that day but she wont listen to me when i talk and we just fight what should i do? please serious responses only i need help

Jul 8, 2010

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  • S**** your plans get the f-ing job MONEY is more important than your f-ing plans.

  • You haven't explained what these plans are. I mean if it is something that can be rescheduled or something that does not hae to do with bettering yourself, then you should go to the interview. I am sitting here thinking about what could possibly be more important than a job interview when you have no job, and I got nothing.

  • Well, which do you need more, the job or to enjoy your "plans"? Though the fact that your mom has to tell you what to do kind of answers that question I suppose.

  • ^ Yeah, that's right.
    Blow off the interview and go hang out at the mall like you planned. You can be a slacker just like the second poster.

  • to the poster above me: you are such a low-life....!! do you automatically assume everyone is like you?

    ps. (to poster)

    Everything will be okay!! :) stuff happens, but one day, things will be better!! I promise you!!

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