Private Dancer

I'm a married guy who has an amazing girlfriend and things are getting serious. We have had some sexy adventures, but the latest one is so hot, I am sharing.
She had never been to a strip club before, and it had been years for me. We like to get aroused doing risky things together, but a swingers club is out of the question, so we calmed each other and decided to go to the strip club together at lunchtime. I chose the finest one in our city. We set some ground rules, but soon things got heated! My Bombshell girlfriend wore a tight black skirt, and took off her panties before going in.

We enjoyed some of the dancers, gave tips and whispered our opinions of each girl. I tried touching her p**** in the club! Two of the dancers have my lady some b**** in the face, and the attention got me hard and her wet. One girl in particular took a liking to us, as we are both attractive and were newbies.

Eventually I bought us a 2 for 1 private dance. Best move ever! My lady was going along with it all, because she likes to please me, and this was a gift for each other . We were not prepared for what went on in that dark VIP room. Our dancer of choice told us how to sit, and then paid special attention to us both. She was tall and thin, nice slim hips, tight butt, small b****. After grinding pelvis with my gf, she straddled me and kissed my girlfriend's neck and ears. The dancer reminded me that my lady is the most important. I saw my gf inhale the dancers fragrance, close her eyes and enjoyed her b****** up close. This made me instantly hard! The dancer said aloud " his c*** is HARD" and grabbed it. She put my bursting bulge between her ass cheeks, and even rubbed her head on my package. The sexy music and close contact made is seem like a dream.
She told us we can touch whatever we want, we were already caressing her smooth, tight body. I reached under her ass and played with her outer p**** lips. I guided my girlfriends hand to the dancers p****. I squeezed her ass good while my girl fingered the dancers slit. The dancer smiled when she discovered my girl had no panties! They gyrated and nuzzled while fingering each other. This was hotness off the charts for us. My girlfriend moaned once and probably came a little. I was working the dancers c***. It was a lunch we will never forget. The song ended, and we walked out dumbstruck and h****. 1/2 hour later , we were in a hotel making love for 3 hours!!

Thank you private dancer! We will definitely be back.??

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  • Sounds like a really hot lunch. My wife and I have gone to strip clubs lots of times when we were younger. She always wore a garter belt & stockings and a wrap-around dress. No bra or panties. I should describe her to show how she draws attention 5-8, 110lbs, 34D-24-35 and 20yrs old & add long red hair sexy green eyes and full pouty lips she draws lots of attention. So the guys there were already checking her out. She'd gradually let her dress open where they could see her fiery red bush and lots of cleavage.

    We know the strippers are going to put on a show with any hot girls there because the thought of two girls gets guys watching really hot, causing the tips to get bigger and that's why those girls are there is to make money. But this went further than that. The stripper being in front of us was able to get an even better view of my wife's long sexy legs and bushy c***. And it turned out that this turned her on. So when she came over and started to give my wife an unsolicited lap dance it was really getting the guys off. But it gave the stripper a chance to whisper into my wife's ear how hot she thought she was and to invite her backstage to look around and to talk.

    After the girl went off stage Lynn excused herself saying she was going to the restroom. At that point, I didn't know what the girl had said to her. I noticed Lynn was gone for a pretty long time but when she got back she just said she'd ran into the stripper who'd done the lap dance and they'd talked for a few minutes.

    A couple of minutes later the girl Lynn had talked to came out and began making an announcement. They had held an amateur strip-tease contest the night before and she said there was a girl in the audience that had missed it and they wanted to give her a chance. And Lynn walks out and does a sexy strip-tease and walks through the audience being felt up. Turns out they were all regulars at the club.

  • Slap job.

  • Man you are lucky to have a girlfriend who wants to share all that with you!

  • Always bring your girl pantiless to the strip club! Things typically go better.

  • I love taking my gf to strip clubs. The dancers seem to enjoy it more than when give couple dances. We have had similar experiences

  • My hubby goes to strip clubs on occasion. It's no big deal. I enjoy when we go together also. It's fun, just be careful not to bring home a disease.

  • How hot!!! I would love to share a stripper with my boyfriend!

  • Damn. Almost got a headache reading all that. Sounds like you are quite a baller, dude. You need to be in the middle of that sandwich.

  • More to follow!

  • Can't wait to read more

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