Is it wrong to want my man to slap my p****? I want him to suck my c*** hard so its swollen and red and then I want to hear his hand slap my wet p**** really hard. Over and over again. I just dont know how to tell him that I want this.

Sep 28, 2012

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  • My husband does this every time we have s**, big finish to an incredibly hot night I LOVE IT

  • First off, is totally NOT wrong to want that. How to get it is the delicate part, but not because it's wrong ........... it's just because you're uncomfortable asking for it. If you aren't in the kind of a relationship with a man who's open to that sort of play and who you can talk to freely about fantasies and fetishes, then you could always escalate the roughness of the s** with your partner (whether one of your regulars, or somebody you pick up at a bar) -- just slightly, nothing alarming -- and then while you're at it, appear to get even more aroused than you were, and start slapping at or spanking your c*** with your own fingers. Do that for a while, moaning more and louder, so it's clear to him that it's turning you on more, and if he doesn't pick up on those cues, moan again and ask him, "Baby, can you do this for me, pleeeeease?", while you keep doing it to yourself, and if he doesn't take over, you could feign begging [men love, love, LOVE to hear a woman beg], "God, baby, I'm begging you to please hit this for me, PLEASE???" If he doesn't respond appropriately, ask him to leave, because he's wasting your time. Go find a man who'll give you what you need and want. They're out there, trust me: you just gotta find them.

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