Days of media, entertainment, and overall times are very troubling. My confession is that I actually enjoy some of the following but I am absolutely sickened most of the time about how things are going: commercials, movies, advertisements, newspapers and anyplace else you look it's all about s**. And I don't mean romance or anything close to representing love any longer. All of the media seems to be focused on "let's just bang." I am getting closer to middle age now and much of this draws me in-on until reality slaps me in the face. I mean you've never see any kissing or even a hint of romance anywhere nowadays. It's just simply "let's s****." I am really worried about the younger generation (teenagers it's probably too late for already in general). Get it up and bang the h*** out of me is what it seems to be all about. What I don't understand is how my mind can wonder into it when I really don't want to. There are consequences for all of our thoughts and actions and I hope common sense and good guidance comes back to the world soon-or the Next Generation will really be s**** and I'm not talking about sexually! I've got to get over my secret thoughts-permanently even if I stop watching television or whatever. Doesn't anybody have any morals today? Just think about that

Jul 8, 2010

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