I love fat women

I have a sexual fetish for fat women. I like big flabby arms and big fat bellies. I come from a fat family, everybody but my mom and my sister are obese to morbidly obese. My stepmom used to be obese and slimmed down after she stopped seeing my father. Maybe fat attraction runs In the family. Im over 300 pounds myself. My favorite pornstar is plump princess. I first realized I liked fat girls when I was 6 or 7 and saw the episode of totally spies were clover Gained a ton of weight. I thought she looked better bigger. I don't tell anyone this because it's kind of embarrassing. Thinking of moving to Mississippi just so I can get with more big girls. There isn't too many were I currently live.

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  • I'm heading for 700lbs, I've had my husband spoil & pamper me so I'd gain weight. I love being fat.

  • Fat chicks are the best. I fattened up my wife to the fat lazy pig she is today. To bad she wants to go on a diet...

  • Plump Princess is hot but I'm a Kellie Kay fan myself.

  • The bigger the better. Fat chicks are by far the best.

  • Go big or go home.

  • Fat chicks are hot as h***. The bigger the better. You are not alone. All of us who like fatties can trace or preference to childhood. Guys like what they like. We are wired that way.

  • Why don't you try me sweetie. Lol .. :-D

  • I dig heavy women also. Fat and hairy

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