This is weird

I was jerking off upstairs in my bedroom, i was nearly ready to c** everywhere when I find my twin was staring at me from the door that I accidentally left half open. In shock I lifted up my blanket beck over me, she looked at me and bit her lip and came into my room and said 'don't be scared I have just saw your lovely p****' as she lifted down the blanket back down showing my erect p****! She said 'Can I touch it?' I siad ' Isn't it a bit weird?' She said 'Yes but it will be worth it' so I let her touch it! And that day we done everything we possibly could do to each other, she said that I could do that any day to her!

I really don't know what to think about all this please help

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  • If this is real. You one lucky b****

  • Watch game on thrones then you'll know it never ends well

  • Get neutered and you will not care anymore, and you will not produce others like you.

  • The woods are full of trolls tonight!

  • My mother walked in on me when I was wanking. She said nothing but lifted her nightie. She was wearing no knickers, and hers was the first p**** I'd seen. I had a c** almost immediately. Mum came to my bed and waked me until I was hard again. Then she sat over me, eased my c*** into her p**** and gave me the first f*** of my life. I was just 14yo then. I f***** her three more time that night, and we now f*** whenever we have the opportunity. I'm 39 now but I'll never forget my first f***.

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