I am getting bigger

I have been dating a girl for about 8 months and when we started dating I was about 185 pounds. And she is big herself, but within those 8 months I have gained 70 pounds!! I am not saying that i don't like it, but I am bigger than her and she loves it. She always tells me that I need to keep growing. Now that I am 255 pounds my t*** are massive, when she tells me that she wants me to grow I tell her, "but my b**** will be much bigger than yours!" And then we both laugh and she always says, " Good I want you huge." When we go to the movies I always sit about half way into her seat. And she hugs me close and squeezes my big t***. (Also while I call my chest t*** she calls them b**** because I "have passed the sized that guys t*** should be") I am really not complaining about growing, I really do like it. And I do confess that yes I do NEED to be Bigger!!

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  • Be careful of the effects on your health.

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