Things I do with/for my girlfriend

I'm a bi crossdresser, my g/f (Anne) knows it and actively approves of me dressing like a woman, even to me wearing make-up and a wig. Even though we both have many sexual partners - some of them same-s** - our love for each other has stood the test of time, with us being strong partners for the last 7 years. In bed, we practice really heavy s** - me f****** Anne whilst dressed as Suzy, and if the 'time's right', Anne asking me to not only change her used Tampax for her by pulling it out with my teeth, but also asking that we share it, by me laying it on her lips and passionately kissing her so's it's 'juices' are squeezed out for both of us to enjoy - and we both do enjoy it - especially when we take turns at sucking and chewing it afterwards. To take it a stage further, before I insert a new Tampax for her, she likes me to lie on my back while she straddles my head, so I can lick and suck her menstrual blood out of her p****. I've to be careful not to clean her c*** out completely, as she then wants me to f*** her and fill her with c** before once more straddling my head so's I can suck my own c** out of her.
And if she's with one of her male friends, she regularly asks me to suck his c** out of her instead - with me reciprocating all of the above when I'm in her presence and I'm with another girl. So it's her turn to pull the girl's Tampax out with her teeth. etc.
We also both love to wear only our suspender-belts and nylons underneath our coats as we walk through the local park - frequently meeting either other men or women that'll have s** with us. Sometimes she tosses off a guy we've just met, and directs his spurts of c** straight into my mouth. But the most 'way-out' thing happened about 5 weeks ago whilst walking through the park one evening. It was Anne that noticed that there was a used and unknotted condom dangling from the branch of a bush, only a foot or so from the path, and it certainly wasn't empty - nowhere near! Carefully lifting it off, she held the open end between finger and thumb before drawing the entire length across her lips and telling me to w*** myself hard and to slide my c*** inside her as we stood there on the path. This I eagerly did and delighted in the heat of her c***-walls around my rigid shaft. "Head back!" she ordered before lifting the condom with it's c**-filled bulging end dangling above my face. "Open your mouth and get ready to swallow!" was all she said as she grasped the open end and guided it past my lips and into my open mouth to lay it on my tongue. She then took hold of the bulbous end and slowly lifted it up saying, "Before it's empty, I want you to start f****** me! Then, when it is empty and lying on your tongue, I want you to kiss me so's I can share the taste of another man's c** with you!" As I saw the pendulous end rising, I started to slide my rigid c*** in and out of Anne's extremely wet c***. Then with one hand holding the open end down onto my tongue, she positioned the c**-filled end directly above me - two good desert-spoonfuls of c** splashing onto my tongue! I didn't swallow it to start with, but kept most of it in my mouth to share with Anne when the condom was completely empty.
"F*** me and come inside me before you suck me out and let me share your c** with you!" she said with her whole body now trembling with pre-orgasmic tremors.
I kissed her long and hard - savouring the taste of the stranger's c** as I f***** my beloved girlfriend. We both orgasmed together and a moment after, I was squatting down between her slippery nylon-clad thighs - noisily sucking my c** from her hairy c*** before transferring half of my c** into her mouth!
Finding how much us sharing someone else's c** turned us on, we started frequenting the places where other lovers met, in the hope of finding more used and discarded condoms for us to share - with moderate success!
"Someone else's Tampax are next!" she grinned one evening. But I haven't worked that one out yet?

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