Okay so does any other girls remember being in like sixth grade and gossiping about who got their period?! Cause like I specifically remember sitting at lunch talking about who has and hasnt! Like we all wanted ours we was cool if we got it lol. I wasn't ever cool, Got my period really late lol

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  • I started my period when I was 12 and it was during games at secondary school,as you can imagine,I felt embarrassed.I do remember,when starting your peril was a big deal,amongst girls.It's not a big deal,as you get older.It's a burden and inconvenience

  • I'm a boy. in primary school up to gr 7 (high school started gr8), the girls wore little short netball skirts. In hindsight very sexy. One way to embarrass them was to tap them on the shoulder and whisper "your strings hanging out"

  • Boys talked about who has pubic hair and who could e********.

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