I hate Russians with a fiery passion

I hate Russians! I don't mean people of Russian decent but people raised in Russia. I fucken' hate every thing about them! russians are the cheapest, rudest a******* I have ever met !! And it's not just one, it's EVERY Russian . They smell like they just got out of a swimming pool of cologne too, and I f****** hate their gross broken English accents. Ugh.
And before you call me a racist Polish, a classic N*** or a Chechen nationalist, I am 100% Slavic Orthodox Russian, born and raised in Germany. Every-time i visit my motherland Russia i get upset at how horrible my people are, they are literally a bunch of primitive animals who refuse to evaluate and live like a cattle. Here are my complains about my people from mainland Russia :
1- Lack of hygiene : Russian toilets are notoriously bad, ranging from simply bad smelling to completely disgusting – and most of the time you have to pay to use them, too!! Be prepared to turn a corner and have to hold your breath – even in the city center you will probably not be able to escape this smell! and Russian girls smell bad. if they don't have regular 3 times per day shower then they smell like vinegar or cabbage .
2- liars and frauds : It is more than normal in Russia to try to take advantage of tourists. Perhaps this is a hang-up from the Soviet era, where all foreigners were thought to be extremely rich. Regardless of the reason, expect that someone will try to take more money from you than they should at some point during your stay.
3 - cruelty and racism : Russians from Russia are the hardest people and most cruel on the planet I've ever met, Recent years have seen a marked increase in xenophobia, racism, and violence against blacks, Armenians, Kavkaz and pretty much anything with brown skin within the Russian Federation and people around me wouldn't care at all like it's OK to beat up people just because of their racial background.
4 - bad manners : Russians from Russia have bad manners, boorish treatment of staff and prodigious drinking.
5 - Domestic violence : Thousands of women in Russia die each year as a result of domestic violence, according to estimates, now i know it happens everywhere, but in Russia it's acceptable, just ask any male from Russia if it's OK to beat women .

I am 25 years old male, btw

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  • Russian people are extremely friendly in usual relations. But there is one issue - when it comes to politics all this friendliness disappears. Through ages they have grown imperialistic mentality and this will take plenty of time to change. It is absolutely natural phenomenon when victims of imperialism don’t love imperialists.

  • You are so right Russians are animals they love violence they crazy people stay away from them they are very bad people

  • P**** these russian animals forvever, form ukraine with hate .

  • I dont agree my wife is russian and she is wonderful

  • I bet u have smelling problems with ur nose

  • Does your wife smell??

  • What does a dead rat smell like? As anyone who's dealt with a Russian their home can attest. Thank you for listening sir .

  • In his home*

  • Very touching comment. You're welcome to anti-Russians hate club .

  • STFU phaggot, Russian r tha best n f tha rist

  • Russian are the worst subhumans after the muslims

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