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The last couple of days I have been so h**** my p**** would be so wet that I have had to change my pants a few times in a day. It has become tighter than normal, and sensitive/alert to touch and swollen is the only way to describe it. Any way I got my self off and not even 5 minutes later I was h**** again so I got my self off again and my husband came home and f***** me good but it still hasn't gone away. My husband is getting annoyed at me for being so h**** I am apparently makeing it up that I am so h**** and making it worse by getting my self off so today I have had to keep putting a cold flannel on due to it being sore from getting my self off so much and in hope to suppres the blood flow and maybe become less h****. Any tips on how to become less h**** or have any other women had this what did you do?

Aug 10, 2016

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  • You might actually want to go see a doctor. This sounds less like an insatiable s** drive, and more like an illness. Hypersexuality (I think that's the correct term?) can be a behavior problem, but it can also be a symptom of something worse.

  • Go and get f***** by 2 or 3 studs

  • I not going to cheat on my husband

  • Is your husband crazy? No man should be annoyed by a woman who is really h**** and wants to get off.

  • Maybe it because he can't keep up with her being so h****

  • More than likely. I know with my fiancée, if she wants ti do it a sexond, or third time, I see it as more of a chore, rather than pleasure. I can go once a day, every day, but if we've already done it earlier in the day, it just depends on how h**** I'VE been. Maybe I can, maybe I can't. More than likely I wont want to do it a third time, but I might, just to make her happy. I definitely WILL NOT do it a 4th time in one day. Then I would be annoyed. XD

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