Peeped on my stepdaughter naked.

I had peeped on my 29 year old stepdaughter when she was completely alone, unaware and naked. I have my pants down getting off while i was peeping on her in the nude. I have also been smelling her dirty underwear and getting off to her Feminine odor. I have been peeping on her in the nude ever sense she was 18. My stepdaughter has 36c breast and trimmed v***** and a firm ass. Every time i see her ass in her leggings i get hard.

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  • When I was around 13 of age and was at my Uncles farmhouse on summer holidays. One day after lunch having nothing to do I just wandered to my Niece's room who is elder to me more than 10 years. Her features were fully grown b**** and fine round bulging butts which I had googled and masturabted thinking of her. When I entered her room I saw she was in deep sleep with her butts facing the edge of the bed and being summer she was wearing half skirts which was slightly up her butts revealing her fatty thighs. I could not resist my c*** jumping and throbbing in my trousers. I could hear her slight snoring sound and was sure that she in deep slumber. Reaching near to her I slightly catching the edge of her skirt fully raised and pulled up to her waist revealing her full round butts. In the Noon sunlight her p**** was clearly visible. From the backside of her p**** it was full bald and I could figure out her inner lips. Her pubic hair up above the c*** was little visible. Viewing her back side and p**** I simply jerked and without much efforts came and ensured the c** fall on her skirt and quietly backed out. In the night thinking of her p**** I jerked for a second time and at times still f**** my hand on such a heavenly occasion.

  • Why don't you s**** in her underwear and leave something for her

  • K9pissdead

  • Get lost kdevianted.

  • # not being sarcastic, not bit!!

  • When I'm older I want to be just like you!
    And I'm bit being sarcastic, I really mean it! Love sniffing and perving

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