I stuffed moon-travellers (firecrackers

I stuffed moon-travellers (firecrackers that flies up in the air and explodes, when ignite), into my neighbours cats ass. That piece of s*** has been walking on top of my brand new BMW M3 (in the mornings) eversince the very next day after i bought it. my top is now full of scratches...f***** cat...he died as his ass was blew wide open....sorry

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  • You are full of s*** pal. I do not believe for one moment that you did that. Like a cat is going to let you push anything into it's a*** - yeah right. F*** off, stop talking s***, and grow up. In that order. You stupid pathetic little b******.

  • You should get a medal! &^%$ cats!

  • First off I agree with a lot of other people who say you ARE A FIRST CLASS A******!!! I personally think someone should shove a Roman Candle up YOUR ASS,and then ask you how it feels... Assuming you live that is ^__^.


  • iguanas are disgusting. it deserved to get eaten.

    and you deserve to have scratches on your car because:
    1. you're an a****** who blew up an innocent animal
    2. only presumptious p***** drive bmw's. theyre ugly too.

    have a nice day!

  • haven't we all had one of those days when we wanted to shove fireworks up a cat's ass?

  • Go back to europe.

  • White trash loser.I bet you have a micro p****,only someone with a small one could do that.Go m********* with tweezers.

  • I hope you have kid one day and someone shoves a peice of dynamite up it's ass and blows up your kid you sick misserable f****** f*****

  • i would have taken it to be declawed without the neighbor knowing. then watched as it tried to defend itself against other cats. people should not let their cats roam anyway.

  • now you are a complete creep, driving a bmw and abusing cats. you are one sick puppy

  • you can afford a bmw but not a car cover. the only reason you did it to a cat and not a person who p***** you off is bcus ur a coward. cats go to cars for heat when outdoors. unless you told the cat it cat language that you where a supreme being to be feared and obeyed i would say that wasnt fair. and your obviously not sone so any girl that goes near you will also be insane and i hope she sticks some in YOUR butt when you p*** HER off.

  • y couldn't u have just given it a pot brownie r some hash cake etc. to chill it out?

  • love it

  • i'm speechless

  • You're a f****** b******, what goes around comes around, you p****.

  • fkn ace!!!

  • Thank you for the idea. I have been thinking of ideas to get it back to my neighbour's dog after it ate my iguana, who I had it for 5 years

  • 562: Yes!He did, but he thought someone accidentally shot it in it's ass. It blew up in front of his house, as the cat was running back to it's house when the cracker was ignite

  • So did your neighbour find out about it?

  • your horrible, i hope u feel bad its not like the poor thing did it on purpose. so instead of um i dunno put a cover on it or put it in your garage u killed an innocent creature.

  • haha thats 1 of the best ideas, Damn cats....

  • Nice work haha.

  • Haha. Thats the funniest s*** I've ever read LOL.

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