im gayyyyyyyyyy i thank>>>>

well i dont no
i think im bi
but i dont know because
i have only liked one girl in my whole life
i only liked her cause she is like a guy
i dont know
YOU TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Your not bi. You said she looks like a guy. So clearly you like guys but are just drawn to this girl that looks like a guy. Dont pay any mind to'll go away in a few.

  • well we can't tell you if your gay or not!

    but if you're gay or bi, then that's totally kooool :)
    humans are humans no matter what.

    just like with racism, society will eventually outgrow extreme homophobia

  • Go h*** f**, you are like a cancer to mankind, and the guy that answered before me is probably a f****** f** too. Go h*** f***, some day we will kill you all

  • That's ok. don't listen to these idiots on here! Being bisexual is perfectly ok. You do sound kind of young, so I would give it a few more years to make sure you knwowhat you like and want.

  • You sound like maybe you're not old enough to really know. Give it time, see what develops.

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