There is not a day that goes by that I think of how many different ways I could kill myself.

I'm playing out different scenarios in my head.

Which is the easiest, cleanest, quietest way to leave?
I don't want anyone to know I'm gone.
I don't want anyone to have to pick up the mess.
I don't want people to talk, "she was always so disconnected..etc."
I don't want a funeral. I don't want to be remembered.

I just want to vanish.

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  • Sorry when I was doing the caps I meant to say DO NOT TAKE YOUR LIFE.


  • I am sure if you go to your doctor they can help you. Or call a hotline. but whatever you do DON NO TAKE YOUR LIFE. My dad did and it hurt my family everyday. His mom, my mom, my sister, my brothers and I everyday think of what could be. Don't do that to your loved ones. I know it might seem easier to just off yourself but your life means more then that. I know you can pull through.


  • Don't be so selfish. You'll be gone but the grief and sadness you leave behind for everyone else will be endless. You need to talk to someone about this. Don't act on your thoughts.

  • can you say MEXICO

  • I believe suicide is selfish and cowardly. who would want to die like that? Find help. Not only does suicide kill you, it slowly kills anyone who ever cared about you.

  • yea ya ppl are real sick
    plz dont litsen to them
    u could still go and get help
    ur dont do something stupid

  • YOUR ALL F****** RETARTED someone is telling you they want to commit suicide and instead of saying she needs help or it doesnt solve anything you tell her how to, wow thats sad

  • ^ P.S. I forgot to mention this doesn't mean you physically die though.

  • Don't know for sure, but the word is that if you try to enter Area 51 in Nevada you will be just disappeared with no public record or trial.

  • Deep sea drowning.
    Book a cruise and go over the railing in the middle of the night.

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