Secret, "real" thoughts on friend's ongoings

Like most people, I think, I try to listen to my friends and be supportive no matter what. However, sometimes, based on experience, I just know things will go badly for them.

One of my female friends, Danielle (name change), got involved with a guy and is moving way too fast. He has 4 kids, she never wanted any, and even she called their family vacation "the week from h***". Says she loves him, and moving in soon. Most people she knows are supportive to her face, but in reality, myself included..Know this will end up bad for her.

Another female, business group friend, actually thinks the one on one meetings we all schedule with one another are, for the guys she meets with, to discuss business. In reality, and she does know this but not to the extent, most guys who meet with her are only trying to f** her and don't give a crap about business. What she doesn't know is that none respect her at all. She's a cute, fkable ornament and notch on the bed post.

One of my long-time guy friends really annoys the h*** out of me, and, I admit...The times he wants to visit, I decline unless I'm up for dealing with the bullshit that comes with him. I've avoided going to baseball games with him 3 times this Summer, and, though he does have bad timing sometimes, tell him I have family gatherings when I usually don't. And, when he does visit me and takes a shower..I throw the soap away and get a new one for my shower.

Sep 3, 2016

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  • It's not about getting fked or not (and, btw, I do fine with getting mine). It's about being supporting and Mr. Nice Guy when you know things will blow up in their faces for the hundreth time, and it's all you can do to not scream "I told you so!". The business group friend especially. Guys meet with her for the sole purpose of finding out how to get into her petite little pants, and she's just too dumb sometimes to realize it. Then, I end up hearing it from her...

  • Let these people do as they wish r u getting f***** ur self

  • F****** someone,is the most important thing in life!!! And personally,it's not as fantastic as people think,within my experience.It's more fantastic within my imagination,than in reality!!!

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