I hate my wife

I've been with my wife for 5 years and it's been steadily getting worse. Right now she is more like a friend to me than my best friend and lover. Over the years she has gotten fatter and all she does is eat and play video games. I've tried to get her healthy and start going for walks with me but I think she's become agoraphobic. This woman sits in the same spot and plays video games all day, only falling asleep when she nods off in the middle of playing or watching youtube. Only to wake up and stuff junk into her mouth only to fall asleep literally mid chew. We are in a sexless marriage since she's grown too fat to take a shower to wash her p**** or ass, I'd literally have to take her in the yard and have to hose her to give her a shower. I think the only thing keeping me with her is my living situation right now. F*** I'm such an a******.

May 16, 2018

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  • I’ll gladly take her off your hands. The fatter and lazier she is, the better. Curlybig5000@yahoo.com

  • Hey, if you're seperated from your wife, send her my way, I'd love to have her. My contact is: calp1296@gmail.com

  • When you are done washing that hippo just f*** her in the ass with a big black king d*** and stretch her a****** until she s**** herself daily. Tell the fat pig that you will do it to her everytime if she doesnt make an effort to straighten the h*** up. Contrary to what dumbass body positive fools will tell you; humiliation goes a long way to getting people motivated. Call her a fat pig in public or in front of her friends and children....if she is really as bad as you say, they will probably agree with you.

  • I'm trying to turn my former skinny girlfriend into exactly what youre describing. I need to get her into video games I guess

  • Why do you keep having kids? and why did you ?marry her?

  • Where does it say they have kids? Most people do breed without thinking but I don't think that's happened here. Or will, at this rate.

  • Nvm... didn't scroll down in the comments far enough

  • 5 years and 3 kids? How does she sit all day with 3 young children? Did something happen? It sounds like a sad existence for everyone. She sounds like she's dealing with serious depression and the food and isolation is not helping. If you are enabling her..to eat etc, stop. You guys need to get into counseling to salvage your marriage and possibly save her life.

  • My wife's gone cold.

    I've found a lover.

    At home I've moved into a separate bedroom.

    My wife's like ho hum about it. Doesn't seem to have any emotions.

    Last night went out with my new lover. Dinner. Movie. Kissing. Ticking. Touching. Massage. Oral s**. Hot Hot Hot Hot.

    I still love my wife and I do wish she loved me but I can't live in an isolated. Loveless. Sexless. Dateless. Touchless existence.

  • I didn't realize its legal to marry a fat cow

  • That sucks, and this is coming from a woman. If you have children, she should be busy with them not video games. If you don’t have children, the first chance you get, get out of there.

  • Sadly we have 3 beautiful children. That's part of the reason why I'm staying as to not over complicate things.

  • Find a mistress then

  • I would love to.

  • Till the time your living situation doesn't improve....be nice to her and try to make her realize what she's doing...so that ur sub consicious may not blame u at the end....when ur time comes, grab ur children and everything n move away from her....a little threat like that might work....I know it's not worth to advice anyone in present time....but give it a try...and u r not a a******

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