Cheesy Meal

Once I served my boyfriend a fried egg sandwich but I secretly smeared my s***** on the bagel in place of cream cheese. He liked it and never suspected a thing.

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  • Hey, I'm to OP. The way they put the *'s you people might have the wrong idea. I was talking about a secretion from my vag-s*****. I hope u didn't think I said s-word for dung cause thats just wrong. I did it to my bf cause I wanted him to eat me without knowing.

  • Once i shat n neighbnurs curry

  • I hope this is made up. That's a truly awful thing to do to another person, let alone someone you're supposed to love and care for. You're human trash.

  • Not as bad as the man who goes home to his wife with s*** on his d*** from some fairy

  • I don't have an issue with men f****** other men, but the cheating is bad, yes.

  • Interesting way to show respect and love.

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