It's better to just sit back and watch sometimes but the pull and desire to feel the essence is such that I can't resist and land up in wrong ground I feel sometimes . . So I fear ,I scare and even feel sorry to create false dreams for eyes not meant for me...but you know whatever I do or want it's only with you ..if my thoughts find you then that happiness is just incomparable you know it...
I hope I see only you,my words find only you..
Love always

Sep 10, 2016

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  • I so very wish whatever you say if someday all come true then all Nothings will become Everythings but reality is cruel it hurts to know we belong yet we aren't..

  • I meant what I said. I still do. I just get scared. I want to stop fighting. It hurts me as well.

  • Don't fight dear anymore are free :)
    Love you and a tight hug :)
    Do smile always...:)

  • You are always home

  • Deep down you know. And I know too. There are many tangles in this land but together we rise above it all and create our own path arm in arm.

  • I agree:)

  • Infinity with every step

  • I Allow the fire to grow,i want to melt with you..
    Nothing to be sad thinking we are not together the burning sensation confirms we are in each other's thoughts holding each other with the arms of our soul..

  • I hear you. It's confusing coming on here at times. I read your words with great thirst though. Of course I'd rather feel your arms imprisoning me as you whisper these things into my ears.
    So much I yearn to say...
    All my love.
    Longing for you... Xoxoxo

  • You seem to look straight into my eyes reaching my heart but it frustrates me when it seems I messed up yet again.
    Your little touch and peck when soothe my soul I find me again.
    I love you more than I can put into words..
    Love only to you

  • Quietly burning again...Xxxxxx

  • Eternal burning got inscribed the day your eyes met mine.If only you could look away you could have been saved .
    Am sorry but there is no option left that I won't be thinking of you.Even if my heart is nailed also like the innumerable times it has been still it will take your name...No solution I have ,if you have any let me know in whatever way you can I will surely do for giving you relief from burning I promise and you very well know my promises are not meant to be broken..just let me know to ease your burning what I am suppose to do..

  • There is no option that I won't be thinking off you either.
    I don't know what to suggest. These things should happen naturally. Deep down I do wish you would just come to me... or tell me to come to you. I'll be there if there is anything you need from me. You can always ask. Sending you all my love...

  • Just be real it's not that complicated.little moments of togetherness can ease both a little. ..not a verdict though just a thought .both thinking 24/7 yet not hearing I feel that's painful...hope you are keeping always....

  • Agreed. :) It really isn't that complicated. Love to you...

  • Taken and given as always

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