I hate it too

I think this thread hits the nail on the head! I was reading and laughing because I share a lot of these sentiments too! I honestly don't hate all of my kids... Just ONE.. Because his father is a fking deadbeat and I HATE looking in his face.. He looks just like him and nothing like me and every time I look at him I'm just thinking why do you exist??!!! I really wish I had aborted when I had the chance and I have tried to get family to take him no one will be bothered and I can't hand him over to the state for fear that they will take my other children who I adore. They can be difficult sometimes too but not nearly as much as him because I actually wanted them and if they get taken because of him I would die. So I remain tortured having to look at him everyday. I am counting down the days till he graduates high school. Three more years and I hope to never see him again. I can't believe I birthed him. He is a liar and a manipulator just like his dad and ugly as s***. When he was little he was so cute and sweet but once he realized his deadbeat father was a f*** up he did everything he could to be like him from the handful of things he knew about him. Now he's this weirdo kid who is untrustworthy and I tried so hard for his piece of s*** dad to take him and he won't. So I'm stuck with this kid I don't want. I hate how he looks and the sound of his voice makes me cringe. I take care of him he has all he needs but I really truly don't want to do it. Of course none of this is his fault but what is his fault is his nasty ways and the way he treats his siblings. I know he's jealous that they have a dad who loves them and he's tried so hard to love him too but he thinks his bio dad is this great person who one day is going to fulfill all the broken promises so he can treat every one like s*** until this a***ole comes to pick him up which he never will. We sent him away one summer and I finally got a glimpse of what it will be like just to be us as a family and I swear I didn't want it to end. My other children are so good. They are fun, they are beautiful. Everyday he comes home from school the whole dynamic changes I am just waiting for the day I can say good bye and avoid him for the rest of eternity. It's a sh**** hand he's been dealt, he's not wanted by anybody and I feel like he should at least try to be loveable but it's impossible. Once he is old enough I hope he enlists In the army or goes to college and moves on with his life and we can be free from each other. I know he will go seeking out his deadbeat father and I hope they can be miserable together and I hate his father for not taking responsibility and leaving me to look at his ugly face every day. I hate every minute of it. I'm serving a serious sentence for the biggest mistake of my life. 18 years is a long time. It's been h***.

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  • I can understand this! Once he is 18, cut him out of your life and never look back! He sounds like a real piece of s***! You are better off without him!

  • Way to go mom. He's the way he is because of you. You are a giant piece of s***. Being a parent is hard, but you have just made it harder because you are lazy and a failure. Who says this s***? The best thing for your son would be to move out and realize what a terrible human you are. Even though you say you raisedon't him, he has two parents who abandoned him. He would have been better off in the system. You suck.

  • Why did u let that man f*** u if hes that bad

  • Wow what a b**** & let me guess when he actually grows up to be a successful somebody living a life of luxury & financially secured, as you and your other kids are stuck in a trailer park struggling your a**** off , your gonna be the first to call him your favorite child because he'll have the power to help your dumb ass out of financial situations that your other dumb ass kids wouldn't be able to help you out of right? .. i've seen b****** like you who favored certain kids & treated one like s*** all because of who their dad is & i've always noticed the favored kids never grow up to be s*** while the one who gets the cold treatment reaches levels of success & 9 times outta 10 mommy is begging him or her for money & guilt trippin him or her into taking care of the family because she never thought the favored kids would grow up to have s*** for brains like their mom ..

  • You're beyond disgusting.

  • Make the little bastards life miserable. After all you have all the power when they are little. Use it. Dress him as a girl. Yell and scream at him. Then sit back and smile and think how you did all that. you totally f***** another human being. What does that say about you!

  • You could've aborted it problem solved it was in your power

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