Instead of getting p***** off that it still exists don't be a stereotype....then if someone treats u in a certain way they can feel like an a****** because u acted normal to them....

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  • The whole point of racism is that said racists don't feel like a******* because they feel like every person in that particular race is a stereotype instead of judging based off of individuals. That in itself is wrong no matter if the person doesn't act normal or not. Your normal is not everyone else's normal. Everyone is different, hence the offense to stereotypes in the first place. And furthermore who gives you, or anyone else, the right to define normal? Being a human being should be considered normal, not conforming to another person's preconceived notion of what normal is just to make them comfortable.

  • Take the f****** high road

  • If more people took the high road maybe the world would be a better place. Try it sometime.

  • Like you just did right?

  • When I say normal I mean maintain composure and don't spaz out

  • Yeah I get it racism is bad but the only way that it's going to go away is if we realize it's a two way street if u r racist to anyone there is a good chance u just made a racist out of them so it spreads ....

  • Original commentor here. To the person talking about racism being a two way street. Care to explain this? It doesn't make sense to me.

  • Racism spreads both ways look at Charlotte those people rioting and f****** s*** up aren't making black ppl look good which only promotes more racism against them which in turn promotes racism against white ppl no one wins in the situation it's just stupid....

  • Us white people get beat up on for being racist but you try living in asia.

  • Are you speaking on behalf,of the entire Caucasian population? Because, they may not appreciate your assumptions, in regards to racism.You're "one" person, you aren't the "entire" Caucasian race.So when you stated "Us" you were making a statement, that all "white" people get beaten up, for being a racist and are you implying aswell,that all Caucasians are racist?

  • Where are you from?

  • Well said :) I agree.

    I don't let anyone's ignorance and prejudice of my race, affect me as a person.I love my racial identity and heritage.My race is only one part,
    of my identity.I'm a human being first and foremost.But I'm not oblivious,
    to racial ignorance.Racism is disease and will always be present.
    It's up to mankind; to change the attitudes, preconceptions and stereotypes of any form of prejudice.Maybe, one day, we can all change that.I hope in the future, even if it's,a century or a millennium from now, I hope all forms of prejudice and racism, will be eradicated.
    I guess, we can only hope :)

  • I agree with your post that I do not let anyone's ignorance and prejudice define me, I myself am a minority, but I do NOT agree with OP stating that people should act "normal". No-one has any right to define what normal is. That's like saying it's not "normal" for a Muslim to wear a hijab in a predominately Christian society and that if they want to be considered normal they must take it off. It's just not right no matter how you slice it! I'm not Muslim but that really makes me angry that some people actually think that way. Leave people alone and stop being so judgmental. If humans were more tolerant than maybe we wouldn't have idiot posts like this get likes.

  • As far as it goes I get really sick of ANY religion having any influence on ppl it's pure indoctrination.....

  • True, I agree with your opinion :)

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