My sister in law is driving me crazy

My sister in law is two years younger than my wife, no kids, No husband and seldom manages to hold a boyfriend for any length of time.
She comes and stays at our house at least one weekend a month and every time by the time she leaves I cant stop thinking about her, She seldom wears a bra when at our house and has pretty big, bouncy b****, She almost always has hard nipples and my wife doesn't think anything of it, my wife is a late sleeper on weekends and countless times I have woken up to her in pretty much spandex booty shorts showing her ass cheeks and a t-shirt or tank top with no bra and quite often obvious camel toe, She will think nothing of sitting on the deck drinking coffee in the morning with her nipples looking like they are going to tear right through her top.
She will sit kitty corner to me on the deck with her tight little shorts on and her camel toe is right there begging for me to stare at it and her nipples standing straight up, She walks around with her perfect looking b**** bouncing and I think she walks extra bouncy when I am around and moves a lot making them jiggle.
She will stand on the deck with the rising sun behind her and say "take my picture" then ask to see it and say "Nice, Send me that one", or will stand looking out over the park behind our house with her ass toward me and all I can think of is dropping to my knees and licking it.
my wife never says a word and seems totally comfortable around her dressed like that around me, She lays on the couch while we watch tv with her cleavage facing my chair and her nipples SOOOOO close to slipping out of her top or with her ass toward me and the outline of her p**** visible through the tight little shorts she wears.
Is she totally oblivious to how much she is showing off to me or is she totally aware and being a tease?

Sep 18, 2016

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  • Well of COURSE she's being a tease. She's using you to inflate her ego. She doesn't actually WANT you; she just wants to get your attention at the expense of your marriage. Stay away from her. Period.

  • You're wife might not be aware of your pervert mind though. So, why don't you talk to her about it?

  • People like you and her ruin many relationships. Honestly, I'm a *never married* woman but straight up showing off your private parts is automatically sexual. There's no over thinking. If she's doing this to ruin your marriage, you should be well aware of it. I hope your wife finds it out and corrects both your minds. Perverts! Surprisingly, you're not the only one. -_-

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