My boyfriend's best friend

My boyfriend went away this weekend with the guys, including his best friend. Last night we were texting filthy stuff to each other. I sent a picture of my p****. Apparently he showed it to his best friend. His married best friend I might add. His best friend got hard.

Now he wants me to give him a b******* while his friend watches and jerks off. But he kept kind of pushing things. He wants me naked so his friend can see between my legs. Wants his friend to see how wet I get.

I'm pretty certain he wants me to play with his friend too. I can't say no to my boyfriend. I'm pretty driven to always please him and do what makes him happy. So I already know I'll do this.

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  • Most guys want to sleep with their friends wives. And seeing your legs spread is always a fantasy

  • He obviously gets off on the thought of sharing you or being a voyeur to sexy things that you might do in front of others. I'd make me uncomfortable, but if you share his kinks, more power to you.

  • I can see from the comments that there aren't a lot of people on this site who understand submissives.

  • Yeah, I was a bit surprised by that myself. I am the OP. I love to please him, and I derive pleasure from that. I am not offended that he shared my pictures, and I am not offended that he wants me to play and be exposed to his friend.

    I am intelligent. I work full time, drive a nice car I bought myself. I have my own home. I have money, and nice things. I don't ask permission to do anything in my day to day life. Come and go as I please, but sexually I am very submissive to my boyfriend. And we're both very happy.

  • I think he wants to be a cuckold boyfriend and you will be shared by his friends ,that will turn him on ,so lose the bra and knickers and get some very short dresses and get ready for a very good shafting ...But remember to ask him with eye contact first..if it is ok first and talk about the experience will really open you up sexually and don't get pregnant, Love child that kinda stuffs it all up. What ever you do make sure you tell him about everything so he is included. Get him to dress you for your bull date. and talk to him on the phone while the bull is shafting you ...That will turn him on .Make sure he wont get jealous ,double check on that . swingers parties are a good way to get started and just tell him a couple guys are just going to f... you and you will be right back. It is a lot of fun ...
    My x used to turn up for the married guys with her t*** out and they would all take turns dancing with her and then after a lot of touching a g******* on her but she got pregnant .
    and she got hooked on the s** which can be a problem ..weekends away etc...goodluck..

  • It always cracks me up how these "empowered" women get so angry at anyone telling women how they should act, but then THEY turn around and tell women how they should act. They are becoming the very monsters they hate. Some women are submissive and some are dominant, some men are submissive and some are dominant, and there are members of both sexes spread on the spectrum everywhere in between. People sort themselves automatically into the relationships that work for them. We need to ALL get off each other's back and stop judging people who do things differently than us, and that goes double for people on high horses and soapboxes. My wife is an intelligent and capable woman who is very submissive. She made the choice to hand over control because she knew she was giving it to the correct dominant. I'm excited for you. Sounds like you're in for a good time.

  • Thanks, I am excited too. I love when he tests my boundaries. He's very loving and caring, and I love letting his have control. I am happy for you and your wife as well as it sounds like you have a very good balance. :)

  • Your wasting your time with this clown. Dump him. Get a man -- a real man -- who respects you.

  • I want to do it. I'm submissive to my boyfriend, and we're pretty open as a couple. I will always do what sexually pleases him. I get off on that.

  • If it makes you uncomfortable then don't do it.

  • Say no and get rid of your boyfriend.

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