you promised

me you would never hurt me and would stick by me through thick and thin. your full of bullshit. and i hope you get exactly what you deserve. you may 'be good at keeping friends with your exes', and i know you said you never wanted to lose me. i certainly won't be one of them. you chose her, you lost me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Arthur, I can't believe you think I'd fall for your bullshit that you consider ex's "family". If that were true, you'd reach out more often, not just when you think I'm smack in the middle of some natural disaster. You have always been a manipulator and a drama queen and always will be. That's only one reason why I didn't tell you we moved. WE, as in my husband and I, who have lasted longer and are healthier than you and I ever were. Why don't you go flop around all blank-eyed on the kitchen floor again? Thank god I won't have to witness it this time.

  • Damn, thats heavier than watching Schindler's List with a Holocaust survivor. I mean, damn, just go on E Harmony and get watchu want.

    Papa Bless

  • You will have to live with it, sweetie! Maybe she does something in the bedroom that you would refuse?

  • Whoa. f****** honest. i mean, damn, sweetie, at least say "papa bless" to the girl...

    Papa Bless

  • Oh stop whining s***

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