2013, and the new year starts with 5 men

In an hour I'm leaving for a New Years party. There will be two of my exes, a man I made out with last night, two men that I went on one date with and have since phased out, and another one that I told I wanted to hook up with. None of them know about each other and I'm practically in love with at least two :(

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  • So . . . . did you f*** all five of them??? Auld Lang Syne, indeed!

  • God, what a nasty b**** you've become. I remember when you were a nice young girl. Now look at you: you're just a dirty w****. You're poor parents would be ashamed of you. AND THEY WOULD DISOWN YOU! You know I'm right, you filthy tramp.

  • Why, oh why can't I find a woman like you?

  • Too hot to handle.

  • It would be soooooooooo easy to fall completely in LOVE with you!!!

  • You're exactly the kind of girl I want to marry!!

  • You do sound hot. What are you wearing?

  • A pink string bikini.

  • G*******! I would do anything to get with you! You are one of the hottest women in history!

  • Of course you would. Any man in his right mind would. Eat your heart out, Baby, lol.

  • FAKE

  • REAL

  • Jesus, you are one hot piece! And I wish I was one of the men you're involved with!! Damn!!!!!

  • Of course you wish you were one of those men, but, you aren't. Eat your heart out, my little groupie.

  • Love your attitude. Love your hotness. Love your aggressiveness. Wow! You are really incredible!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Flattery will get you nowhere. Kiss my feet, O blubbering groupie.

  • I would totally LOVE to kiss your feet. And anything else you offer.

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