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I've got a question to all the women that cheat on their husbands/boyfriends because of a lack of attention. Why don't you just tell your man to f*** you more often? I mean logically, there's no guy who'd say "Oh no gross" if the woman he married told him she needed him to beat the kitty up. If he did then he's either go A. Erectile dysfunction, B. Is homosexual, or C. Already f***** somebody else that day. Me and my girl have been together for 8 years, I work 2 jobs (8 hour shifts, back to back some days) to support us, but I still come home and beat that thing up for 9 rounds like Muhammad Ali. So now that I think about it I have two questions.

1.(for the ladies) Why don't you just tell your man you need him to d*** you down more?

and 2. (for the fellas) Why don't you already d*** your wife(or girlfriend) down frequently?

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  • Damn, you women are immoral mother f******.

  • Women want to be romanced but have no idea how to or even give a s*** about romancing a guy especially after they been together for a while. So then u see others that are better suited for u and fun ( in the beginning and then they turn into the same chick that u were dating before)

  • Monogomy is dumb I think ppl can still have long term relationships but I think both parties would be In a better place if they could play without hard feelings

  • For the 2nd question I think it's just a matter of work ethic. If his work ethic is low then he's not really gonna be able to work then come home because he'll make excuses like "I'm tired D:"

  • Its like looking at new scenery and doing new things in life, s** with others is exciting.

  • I love the thought being f***** by someone else

  • I feel sorry for your girlfriend if you come home and "beat that thing up". There's WAY more to f****** around than in/out/c**. The actual f****** part is just icing on the cake. Everything that leads up to it is the main course. If you want a woman to f*** you at the dorp of the hat you have to seduce her over the long haul. I'm certain other ladies reading this will agree with that. The more you make us feel desired and wanted the more we're willing and wanting to have s** with you. Guys are usually h**** enough that they get hard if the wind blows. Generally speaking women are like a big freight train - slow to get going but once we are we're hard to slow down. Come home, give me a massage, perhaps make me c** with your hands and tongue and then I'll climb on top and "beat your thing up" for the full 12 rounds instead of only 9 ;).

  • Lol You didn't answer his question though

  • My husband is 55 im 46 for me its having a young guy 24 hes so keen cant get enough of me

  • Its the secrecy guilt especially if his wife is a friend and a diferent man is more exciting it get boring with hubby al the time beside that a young stud can keep going 4 ages

  • We want excitment of a lover a new man tries harder and we love the idea of being sluttish

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