Sisters wedding

My sisters wedding.

Two weekends ago on a Saturday afternoon it had been my sisters wedding day to her Fiance of 3 years, The wedding venue an amazing two nights from Friday to the Sunday morning in some log cabins in the middle of a forest in the New Forest.

Well I'm 13 Female almost 14 in November and my cousin (Charlotte) on my mothers side she is 12 almost 13, We got to share our own cabin on the far side of the forest, Charlotte parents only came on Saturday for the reception but Charlotte travelled with us on the Friday and stayed until Sunday.

Friday night we planned our outfits for the next day. A boy named Connor who my friend knew was going to come on the Saturday evening and we were going out to meet him and drink, Charlotte fancied him and wanted to impress him.

I had my outfit for the wedding day planned and Charlottes parents had brought her some dress to wear which she didn't like but she had secretly already packed this purple dress.

That night in our cabin we didn't get any sleep that night there had been loud music and turn out a stag weekend was taking place on the evening in the other venue around the forest.

In the afternoon we got changed in to our outfits, I loved my outfit my dress had been loaned out because it was expensive all close family had same colour, Charlotte came out of her room in this amazing short purple dress which was short above the knee, she had tights on that was fishnets and heels she looked alot older with her hair up and makeup on, my mother didn't recognise her at the wedding reception lol.

after the wedding there was a party from 6-12.30 at 9pm Conner messaged us saying he was not able to make it, So we stole drink from the open bar and tables and went into the forest away from the wedding venue we drank for an hour on our own, until someone from the weekend stag party turned up for a cigarette he starting talking to us about his friends stag party.

I tried to talk her out of staying but she didn't listen, this guy was obviously eyeing her up with how she dressed, after an hour of this guy and his friend turning up I left.

when I realised how stupid it was leaving her I went back after 20-30 minutes hoping she would have followed.
I could not find her near the spa's I texted her asking where she was and she texted me back after 10 or minutes later saying she would be back at the venue in awhile.

5 hours passed, around 2.30am in the morning I got a knock on the door from Charlotte she staggered into the cabin drunk off her face and had been sick outside and smelt of cigarette smoke.

Her hair was down and messy and no longer in a french plat, her make up was smeared. she had her heels buckled up wrong and had problems getting them off and her fishnet tights was in her hand ripped with marks on them.

I asked her where she had been? but she was too worried someone saw her last night like my mother or something, but then Joked and said that the stag parties stripper was crap and I helped them out.

when I asked who are they are and what she meant by helped out, she said some guys from the stag party over the way in room 47. next morning I asked her what the h*** happened she said she had been drinking and nothing happened.

I walked to room 47 around 11am in the morning and there was bottles on the front and rubbish, in the spa area there was some condom wrappers on the ground near a tree and in the window the beds was trashed. No sign of anyone there.


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  • Sounds like a family reunion.

  • Did she get away clean? Were you upset you didn't go?

  • Ur cousin got fuckd whats the problem

  • Her age dip s***

  • Jelous little virgin

  • F*** you

  • You too, putz!

  • Another stupid b**** trying to ruin men's lives

  • I would have lol

  • Would have what?

  • Poontang

  • Nasty

  • Nasty very nasty agreed

  • Are you stupid! why the f*** did you leave her. you know when she said she helped them out, she stripped...

  • This

  • Probably her first time

  • G********* maybe

  • Wtf?

  • Gang banged.

  • She is a s***

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