I hate him

All last year of school I was comfortable and I wasn't being bothered by my creepy ex. He stalked me the year before to the point I was scared to come out of my house and face him. He just now came back and is creepier than ever but I can't tell him to back off. I have seen him angry and I would rather not have it happen to me again but getting all close to me while I'm "unprotected" without my girlfriend is not okay. The worse thing is that he knows when I'm scared and its horrible. He will go out of his way to purposely make me frightened. He puts me in f****** choke holds and drags me through the band halls laughing because "I like the way you squeak when you're surprised!" (the back ends of my shoes are starting to break down) or pokes me with sharp objects hoping he can get me hard enough blood beads up over the jab. He leaves me weird notes in my bag and in class and tries to sit as close to me as possible and I don't know what to do. I overheard him yelling at someone about being gay shouldn't be a thing and that its retarded as h*** of how they belong in h*** and such. His notes are getting more and more extreme and I don't want to stand up to someone as harsh or malicious as him I can't help it. I'm so scared he might do something to me or my girlfriend I want him to leave me alone I need advice please he won't go away and won't stop mentally torturing me.

Sep 28, 2016

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  • You need an order of protection against him. This is not a secret you keep. He is mentally disturbed. The violence will likely escalate. You need to tell someone and stay safe.

  • You know what you have to do, if you don't, no one can help you.
    Report him to the police.Keep all the evidence of his stalking, so you can provide them/forward it to the police.
    If you don't, his behaviour could escalate and become physically aggressive.Do something now!! This is the wrong website to confess this s***, you need to be confessing it, to the police.

    Good luck

  • He thinks he can get away with it. Hey, did you know that those notes are a funny little thing called "EVIDENCE"? Madame, nobody should have power over you. Gather evidence, and nail him.

  • Tell the vice principals, a counselor, why do kids not speak up. The adults can make it stop!

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