Help! Please I love her

Ok so...well I've been in love with one of my close friends for 3 years. I have too much feelings for her, the thing is...I'm a girl too, but I'm not gay or lesbian, bcuz I tried liking other girls but no I love her & I been loved her but I do like guys completely. I honestly do not know what should I do. I'm way too scared to tell her, i think she only sees me as a friend..but shes bi though. I'm scared if I tell her things aren't gonna be the same but at the same time...Its eating me up inside bcuz I never told anyone & I've been holding it in for 3 whole years..i don't know what to do :( ! Help!

Dec 7, 2012

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  • First off, there's nothing wrong with being bi, if you are. Don't be afraid of what you are. I would be careful with telling her it could ruin the friendship. Try flirting with her & kind of see what her reaction is. Good luck

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