Don't judge

It bothers me when people find out you've had an affair and they judge you. It's easy to say that if your unhappy then simply get a divorce. While I'll admit I believe this as well sometimes it isn't as easy for some people. I found myself in a situation like this. For the most part my marriage is good. But this past year I have found myself unhappy on a Personel level. My husband is successful and pleasant , a good man but kind of boring. He's gone a lot and now that our son is away in college I'm lonely. I don't have to work so I keep busy with yoga , soon class, art class and community projects. I feel like I'm boxed in and I I need to stretch myself. So I went back to college taking a couple of classes a week. There is a young man in my philosophy class that is very intriguing. I'm an attractive 30 something women. I was a cheerleader and gymnast in college. The young man in question is in his late twenties and not exceptionally handsome. I would say he is cute. His name is Mark . He's short , about the same height as me with a median build . But he is funny and bright. An artist ,poet , photographer with an odd way of looking at life. Defiantly eccentric but in a smooth way. The reason I find him attractive is he challenges me , makes me feel important and smart. He looks at me like a freind . We eat lunch together and sometimes meet for coffee. He invited me to his art show one night while my husband was out of town. I had never been to an art show before let alone one that was in a bad part of town in an old wharehouse. It was filled with odd mix of people that made me feel like I was on another planet. I found it all so intoxicating, I hadn't felt this alive in years. As I sipped champagne and mingled Mark came up behind me and pressed his hand against the small of my back. I turned quickly and our eyes locked. His lips were mere inches from mine and I had the urge to kiss him. So I did. He smiled and took me to a corner in the dimly lit room. He said he doesn't ordinarily kiss married women but he knew how unhappy I was . He said that I was like a caged bird that needs to be set free on a deeper level. I knew this was true. He pulled close and kissed me deeply. My heart throbbed , my heart raced and my p**** became moist as we kissed for several minutes. As I said he wasn't tall or built and before this moment I would have guessed his p**** was average. But as I was pressed against him I could feel his thick c*** on my thigh. As I gazed into his eyes I told him I wanted to f***. Right here right now before I changed my mind. He took me by the hand and lead me to room upstairs. We undressed each other as we kissed and my suspicions were confirmed. His c*** was a little above average but it was thick about two inches around. It was veiny and rock hard. I found myself on my knees sucking his quirky c*** barely able to get my lips around it. He then pulled me up and laid me on the couch. He licked my p**** like no one ever had. I quickly had multiple o******* in no time. My head was spinning as he lifted my legs over his shoulders gently kissing my toes and ankles. He trhusted his thick c*** inside me. I had never felt a p**** like that. I moaned and grimaced as he entered me giving me pain and pleasure at the samentime. I didn't even care he was bareback. I was lost in extasy and years of repressed sexual energy overwhelmed me. The next thirty minutes was a blur of sexual positions and o*******. He even stuck a finger in my ass as he f***** me which made almost pass out from the o****** it gave me. His body began to shake and he moaned loudly which signaled to me he was climaxing. I didn't care he was bareback but I didn't want him to c** in me as I didn't want an unexpected pregnancy. I told him to pull out and at the right moment he did. I quickly slid down , engulfed his cook as his hot c** filled my mouth and trickled steadily down my throat. It was all so dirty and passionate . I hadn't had s** like this in years. When i got home that night I discovered dried c** on my chest and in my hair. My p**** was sore but I used the memories of my s** frenzy to finger myself to another multiple o****** and quickly feel asleep. I woke up sticky and smelling of s** and I walked around the house naked all that day enjoying the aroma and memories. Mark and I f*** from time to time but neither of us want any strings or to wreck my marriage. He's my little secret and every women who reads this may judge me but they are just jealous. At least I had the nerve to go out and find something that fulfills me while they sit at home on their fat a**** and are happy to remain miserable.

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  • Don't worry about others who may judge you. Just keep your liaison discreet and enjoy. Life is just too short to let such opportunity slipped by!

  • Let people mind their business its ur p****

  • You dont have a marriage. you have a financial arrangement. you are a leach, a vampire, slowly draining the man who has dedicated his life to taking care of you. worthless s***... you are nothing more than a life support system for a p u s s y

  • I have a lover too. My husdand goes to work and he pop's into my holes. Can't wait until Monday morning after dropping the kids off to school.

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