Friend or Foe?

I just broke off an engagement after discovering my fiancé at the time was talking to other women. Today I spent some time with a close friend of mine; in that span of time we ended up kissing for the first time...

I think I may be in love with him, but some hours later he messaged me asking if we just could remain friends, stating he needs time to think and to fix himself...

What does that mean? I feel like everything is my fault. Any advice is helpful and appreciated...

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  • Rebound. El reboundo. Re-heee-heeeeee-bound. Rebound. Any more questions?

  • How can u be in love with someone after meeting them u don't know him and u still won't really even after a couple years.

  • He and I have known each other for a few years at least...since high school really...

  • It's not your fault. You kissed each other...2 people kissed each other. How can he be your foe if he asked to remain friends? He is still your friend, but this kissed has kind of just shifted the friendship which he wants to shift back to how it used to be...both of you being just friends with NO benefits. That is a good thing, he is a true friend. You need time to heal without bringing other people's feelings into your healing (ie: jumping to your male friend for a romantic rescue from your engagement heartbreak and heartache).

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