I want the real thing

So years and years ago i had a threeway back when i was 18, two guys and me and they convinced me to try dp and i love it, however few weeks later i got back with my boyfriend and i have been with him ever since,
now hes not into sharing or swinging or anything and nether am i but i REALLY REALLY want to feel two c**** in me again at the same time, yes i know what your thinking, my bfs c*** and a vibrator or d****? yep done that in fact we do that alot, its just not the same! i watch p*** and there is ALOT of do videos out there with dp and i just want to have it done to me again sooo bad!
but how do i convince my bf to bring another guy into our bed? or should i just take matters into my own hands? find two guys online and have them dp me behind my bfs back? i have a friend whos single and she has no problem finding guys to f***,
im now 26 and not getting any younger, a c*** and a d**** is not the same and two fleshy d**** inside me! i want to do it again

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  • I'm scared to try DP with my girl cus i know she will like it... Same reason why I dont have one yet lol and no I ain't small, thats not it, I have an 8'c***! Its just trippy cus who wouldn't want double pleasure, I just wouldn't want it all the tham time either.

  • Well how about you make a deal with your boyfriend, let him have his threesome with another woman and you get your Dp lol that might work, what guy wouldn't want two females and since you have done the dp with another guy then maybe he will give in on the deal. But hey don't rip off ur bf and try to be the only one getting two people pleasure. If he doesn't want to then keep telling him u want it, nicest way possible lol thennnn find two d**** if that doesn't work. But don't cheat until u have tried it and talked to him about it.

  • I think you would have no trouble finding what your after

  • I would love to help you out with your dilemma

  • Then do it

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