I need love

I confess loving you. I confess that ever since we became a couple, my feelings has grown. That you now know. But that day I told you about all of my strong feelings, you didn't say anything. Do you know how much you broke my heart? Probably not. You think everything is okay, but in fact my heart aches. I need your love. I need it more than ever. So please ... please give me a love confession back. That's all I need.

I need love.
I need you.



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  • Yuh, good luck finding that from another dip s***

  • Brother same thing happening to me...ik I f***** up at first but she should know how much I love her now....she is like everything I want nothing else.

  • I so so so relate to this. I love her dearly. She does not need me and no longer loves me in a erotic sense. To me her actions imply she does not respect me.

    I want somone who wants me. Somone to hug and hold. Somone to laugh and cry with. Somone who can discuss differences with without festering. Somone who can leave the baggage of past disagreement behind.

  • I love you more than you could ever realize.

  • Who am I?
    There is someone right there to protect your vulnerability.
    There is someone right there to cover your insecurities.
    There is someone right there beside you to pick you up when you fall
    There is someone right there committed to color your world
    There is someone right there to make you smile
    There is someone right there to give you support and strength.
    There is someone right there in your exclusive world with whom you can share your heart.
    It doesn't matter if I realize or not ,I am no one just a mistaken identity...

  • I love you too

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