Does size matter

Hi people, Does size matter ?? Really or are people just been nice I would like the truth, smallish guy asking

Oct 10, 2016

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  • Size matters . But even size won't help if you don't know how to use it

  • I prefer a larger one but average is ok.

  • I love big c****. Maybe others don't think size is important, but for me, having a big thick c*** in my ass or c*** is a great thrill.

  • It's girth that counts not the length. A fat c*** that stretches my c*** is my favourite

  • People say looks dont matter. Money is no use . Size dont matter. Size is al important when we c a man naked first thing we lok at is the size of his c... Very sad to c cute guy with smal c... Big turn off

  • Im going to sound like a right s*** here but whatever...i have had alot of c****. some big some adverage and sone on the small side, my point is the biggest ones havent always been the best, whereas some of the smaller sizes has really hit the spot, if you know what i mean, confidence is key though, you act all shy went you drop your pants the girl is guna think you s***, work the foreplay and use what ya got, on plus side...the smaller guys? i prefer having one them slip up my bum

  • It's a mix of size and how u use it...I'm pretty sure p**** range in tightness the same as d**** are different sizes

  • Don't worry about your size buddy. I am also on the smaller end of "average." I'm perfectly happy with my size.

  • Well if you are worried, get an oriental gal, they need the smallest of all.

  • Study after study has shown that 90 percent of adult men have a p**** size from 5 to 7 inches. That is the average , meaning the other ten percent are smaller or larger. I know reading most to these confessions might have you thinking all these men are running around with 12 inchers in their pants but its just not true.

  • Size matters to everyone but size preference varies. There are women who want 9 inches and there are those who want 6. Your d*** is (pardon the pun)such a a small part of what you should be doing to her anyways. If your d*** is small then find a chick that isn't a size queen and also develop your other talents ;-)

  • Size matter but man can not do any thing.
    Learn t do it better that lady want to come back.
    One thing learn to last long time. We most of women want to last for bit longer so woman can have o*****. That is all women want. If u r too short then. Take your wife on holidays
    where guys have big one. No one will know back home.

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