My 25 year old latina step daughter shows me a good time...

About six months ago my step-daughter and I were catching-up over the phone, family stuff, nothing exciting. My step-daughter is about 10 years younger than me (I'm 35), her mother is about 14 years older than me. So the age gap isn't that big. S** with my wife is non-existent, but we have a wonderful life together despite the lack of intimacy. Guess I'm able to see the bigger picture in our marriage...

While on the phone, her daughter subtly mentions that she knows her mother and I aren't sexually active anymore, which struck me as odd for her to mention that. She proceeded to tell me that there is a place she goes during the week to meet new people, etc...and that if I wanted to go the following week, on a Wednesday, she would text me the address. Without thinking about it, I said sure and forgot about it.

My step-daughter is very attractive. Hispanic, cinnamon color skin as I like to call it, petite and very tattoos, etc. She has gorgeous lips, amazing legs and is very well educated. That following week Tuesday came and so did the text message mid-afternoon from her reminding me about the meet-up tomorrow and that I should come. I responded and said I would be there at noon. The address followed moments later...

I arrived just after noon and saw her car was already there. I entered the building and was directed to the right (mens side) by someone at the entrance. Inside the mens area I saw a curtain that said, NO CLOTHES BEYOND THIS POINT. At this point, I knew I was at some kind of s** club. There were boxes to place all of my clothes and belongings into. I was nervous and excited as h***. Never felt like this before in my life!!! I decided to go for it, took everything off and passed through the curtain....

I passed through the curtain into a large club with music with everyone naked around me. My step-daughter was at the bar and noticed me right away. She motioned for me to come over, so I headed that way. She looked great. P**** was shaved, gorgeous small t*** and was wearing high heels, nothing else. Walking up to her I gave her a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek as gently placed my hands on her hips, the last innocent gesture of the afternoon. Standing there in front of her, both of us naked, with a hard c*** was beyond arousing. Completely tabu. Completely forbidden. And we both knew it.

We chatted for a while and then headed over to a lounge area with our drinks and sat on the sofa together. We made small talk, caught each other continuously observing each others bodies. Time passed and the first of two gentleman came up to her and invited her into one of the back private rooms for a f*** session. She asked me to stay and wait for her, so I did. Watching her disappear down the hallway with another man was hot to say the least.

Enough time passed and she came walking back to where I was sitting, having clearly been well f*****. I took it upon myself to get her another drink. The second of two men invited her back to room and she followed. While by myself, watching a couple in front of me, I decided to man-up and take her into one of the rooms when she got back. If she invited me here, she must want to f*** right? But I was nervous as h***.

She came back and sat down. We made small talk and I made my move. I told her I was ready to head back to a room, with her. She looked at me as I put my glass down, took her hand and she followed me. Walking down the hallway to find an open door was a challenge, until a young female and two men came out of a room. I let her go in first, then I came in and closed the door. I wasted no time. My c*** was beyond hard and I was going to c** quickly.

She laid on the bed, legs open ready for c***. I climbed on and held my c*** right in front of her p**** as I was kissing her thinking, "I cannot believe I am getting ready to do this". I slowly pushed in, slow for the first few strokes, and then I went to work like a machine. With my face just above the right side of her neck, she says to me, " can go ahead and c** in me. It's ok.", A rush went right through wasn't a minute later that I was pumping her full of juice.

We laid there for a few minutes, cleaned up and went back into the lounge area. I left shortly thereafter as I had to get back to work.

Oct 13, 2016

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  • We met for an early dinner the following day to discuss our visit to the club. We both talked about what we enjoyed and we felt. She admited to me how turned on she was being naked in front of me. She enjoyed the s** she told me, but she was even more turned on that I came to see her there and did not hesitate at the prospect of being naked with her or around everyone else. She went on to tell me that she isn't in love with me or anything to that extent. What she wants is someone she is close to and can trust to be there to watch her get wild, let everything out. But the fact that only I know is beyond erotic for her. Family gathers are even more of a turn on for her. We all had lunch together, my wife, uncles, aunts, etc. She said she felt so turned on to the fact that no one at the house knew what she did or that I was there.

    We have been to the club 2 times since then.

  • What did she say the next couple of days?

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