Pappy J

I'm a 48 year old house wife who's married to a dentist who loves in an upscale neighborhood. I'm the typical soccer mom type,yoga enthusiast ,go to Starbucks kind a lady. No one knows that I have a past I'm not too proudly of. Thankfully I have no relatives so my husband has never known the truth. I grew up in a rural town ,got pregnant at 17 and had to get married. After only a month of marriage I had a miscarrriage and even though I didn't love the guy we decided to stay married. We were both young but he tried to do his best . He got a job as a truck driver and we lived in a trailer park. We were marrried for three years and most of the time he was gone for weeks at time driving. We lived in a small trailer park and I had a job at the local diner. I was bored stiff and wanted to desperately get out of this hick town . Did I mention i was young and slutty? There was an older man who lived in the trailer next to us. Everyone called him pappy J. Pappy was a big burly red neck who was always flirting with me. Everytime my husband went on the road he would say, if you need me to keep you company , you just say so sugar. He follwed that with a wink and a smile. All he wanted was to stick that big pecker in my young s*****. He was dirty old man but he wasn't to bad to look at. He must have been at least twenty years older than me. Things between me and my young husband was bad at this point and one day while he had been gone for three weeks I got lonely and horney. I looked out the window and there was pappy working on his truck. It was getting late in the evening but it was still a hot summer day. As I looked at him suddenly he didn't seem so bad. He was husky but not fat. Tall and muscular he filled out his tshirt pretty well. I grabbed a couple of cold beers and went over to his place. We drank and talked about things but being a cagey old dog he knew what I was wanting. Bet you get really lonesome while your man is gone? He said slyly. Sure I do , I said while rubbing the cold can against my neck. He looked me right in the eye and said , you want to come in where it's cool. I could read between the lines well enough. Knowing that he was a filthy old bachelor and if I was going to do this i wanted a clean bed. Uh, lets go to my house. He leaned in close to me and asked if my man was coming home. We were close enough to kiss when I said , not for another week. I led the way to my place and as soon as the door closed he grabbed my waist and pulled into him. He kissed me hard and as our mouths swirled I could feel his d*** getting hard in his jeans. He was an animal. He broke the kiss and pulled my shirt off. Before I could catch my breath he pushed me onto the couch. As he stepped toward me he pulled his shirt off and by the time he reached me his pants were off. His underwear looked like it was a pup tent as his thick country c*** was ready to go. He stood over me and said, you know what to do with that thing girl, he said in almost a growl. I quickly pulled his drawers down and was surprised by his girth. My husband at the time was young but he had a big d***. But pappys was the thickest c*** I had ever seen. I grabbed it with my hand and sucked it hard , barely able to get my mouth around it. He grunted as he thrust his hips in and out of my mouth. I could already taste the precum. When he couldn't take it anymore he pulled out stripped my shorts and panties off and ate my p**** like no one ever had. He made me c** as he serviced me but he wouldn't stop. My p**** ached from his tounge lashing but he contiued to eat me until i came again. I was already feeling drained as he knelt on the floor ,pulled my hips to the edge of the couch and slowly pushed his thick and swollen c*** into my young p****. Oh my god!! I thought he was ripping me apart . I was overwhelmed by his size but he grunted as he pushed into me greedily. He went slow at first but soon he was f****** me so hard the trailer was gently swaying. I wanted to tell him to stop but the sensations i was experiencing for the first time swept me away . It was painful at first but soon I could feel another o****** building . I didn't care who heard me , I moaned so loud as he kept thrusting away. It felt wonderful. I screamed through my third o****** and as soon as i finished he pulled out and told me to bend over. I was dizzy as he forcefully turned me over with his big hands and strong arms . He forcefully rubbed his wet c******* against my a****** and said , take it girlie , take it. I had never had a*** s** before and as he pushed into me i wondered why. I was lost in the painful pleasure of a brutish man having his way with me. His thick c*** dove into my nether regions skillfully. I could feel his c*** pressing against my g spot activating another powerful o******. He was b**** deep into me when I could hear him breathing more ernstly. He lay out a moan as he pulled his c*** out of my ass and quickly slid back into my aching c***. Oh yeah, i could hear the smile in his words. He thrust in and out of my p**** ,shallow then deep. He just kept saying , oh yeah , over and over until i felt his hands grip my hips hard. His body trembled and he grunt and moaned as he filled my p**** with a river of his hot and sticky c**. Oh yeah, he signed as his c*** erupted over and over again into my young and hungry p****. He must have kept doing this for ten or so minutes until he finaly slipped out of me. From that day on every time my young husband went out on the road pappy j would come over and f*** me. This must have went on for several months before I finally packed and left. This is the first time I've ever told anyone about this. As far as my current husband knows im a respectable bank manger ,mother of three and a Sunday school teacher. We all have our pasts now don't we?

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  • I'd prefer the old you

  • Very hot!

  • Wow that got me so hard!!

  • I love the way you write your story. I'd love to hear more x

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