Saw wife with another woman

I had to get this off my chest. The incident I am going to tell happened about 6 months ago. I decided to come home early and surprise my wife, Sandy. It was summer so she usually is out back using the pool. I thought I would first spy on her because she will invite friends over and they wear some real nice bikinis, if not she will suntan in the nude, and I can get a b******* by the pool. I quietly entered the house, and went upstairs to peak out the open window. There is no way to see me, but I can look down on the pool. Well my wife was totally nude, AND to my surprise our next door neighbor Rebecca was nude also. This a big wow because Rebecca and her husband are hard core church people. My wife had told me Rebecca has never had a mans c*** in her mouth. She felt it was filthy. Whereas my wife shaves her p**** bald, Rebecca looked like something out of a 70's p****, BIG MOUND OF P**** HAIR. Still both women looked fantastic, the two girls could be twins except my wife is dark haired, and Rebecca is a blonde, both have big full b******, and both are in great shape. Thinking I better some way let them know I was home, my wife leans over and tells Rebecca, "Kiss Me." Rebecca leans over a gives my wife a passionate kiss. WTF is going on! They make out for awhile, and my wife then says, "Spread them!" Rebecca let out a little squeal and spread her legs, as my wife moves over to Rebeccas p****. My wife then says, "This would be easier if you shaved." Rebecca then says, "Never bothered you before." WHAT! My wife proceeds to lick Rebecca's p****.
I also must confess that My wife Sandy had a 3 year relationship with a woman in college, she broke it off at graduation. When we started to date, she was very up front about it, but said she had moved on, and wanted to date only men.
Rebecca is really getting into it, writhing around, saying things like, "DON'T STOP!" "EAT MY F****** P****!" You can tell shes about to c**, my wife is licking like mad, and Rebecca is breathing really hard, I am finding myself also getting aroused, I begin rubbing my crotch. Rebecca c***, and in a panting voice says, "Your turn."
My wife leans back, Rebecca basically dives at Sandy's p****. She begins to lick fast and furiously, My wife says,
"Damn girl you are getting good at this." Wonder how Rebeccas husband would feel about my wife complimenting Rebecca about her p**** eating skills. LOL I am pretty much stunned what I am seeing, like a car wreck in slow motion. My wife begins licking her own t**, that tells me shes about to c**. Sandy c***, and keeps licking her t**, and Rebecca moves up and takes the other t** in her mouth, THATS when I c** in my pants, I was so enthralled with them, I never took my pants down. I quickly change and sneak back out of the house. I drive around until I was suppose to go home.
Before anyone thinks, "How could he not know about his wifes lesbianism?". We have s** 3 or 4 times a week, and when I have had a bad day at work, she will ask me, "How was your day?" If I answer horrible, she will drop to her knees unzip my pants, and suck my c*** like no tomorrow. She in fact hates c** on the floor, or furniture, she will swallow my entire load, I literally will have to take a nap until dinner.
When I got home she gave me a big kiss, Okay! I know where your lips have been! She asks me how my day was, I tell her, "WORST DAY EVER!" She drops to her knees, takes out my c*** and begins one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. She did have a little trouble getting my c*** hard, I don't know if it was me c****** in my pants, or the thought of her cheating on me with the neighbor. When I finally did get hard, I grabbed her by the head and f***** her mouth. I blasted in her mouth, and basically fell asleep on the couch with my pants down, and d*** out.
Well that happened 6 months ago, and I still haven't confronted her about what I saw. We haven't used the pool because of winter, but I am pretty sure she and Rebecca are still lovers. I am not sure what to do, I think I will have to catch them in the act and confront her about it then. Wish me luck!


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  • Your wife sounds like a lot of fun. Let her have her secret who really cares. Maybe they will let you join them one day!!!

  • Many women nowadays are into fish.

  • I would love to have my wife go down on another women , I even ask her to go down on her when a man leaves his load in her.

  • Your wife must of been needing a woman. I'm sure putting in her mouth helped keep you satisfied but she was not. That first time, I guess your wife must of seen her in her Sunday High heels and dress and that was her Target and I'm guessing her hubby was not giving her the love she needed. Can you imagine your wife finally gets sexual release as does neighbor.Those h**** h**** women finally lay together satisfied

  • Must of? What is must of?

  • He probably meant must've

  • Ask if you can join them.

  • Take pictures and video next time. You'll have a great time reviewing it all and you can use it as leverage when you need it.

  • That is exactly how I Never lose another argument.

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  • I also caught my wife eating the vicar's wife out but she was also f****** the vicar he had taken his surplus off. but he was still wearing his dog collar very kinky. i stripped off indoors and went and join them and said evening vicar. it turn out to be a exciting evening we spent the evening f****** the girls and suck in every one off. i must say i quite enjoy it when the vicar sucked me off and i did the same to him, it was the first time i have ever sucked a c*** and i quite liked it

  • Good luck but if i was you i'd have gone and joined them and f***** both of them and shagged them as well especially the vicars wife and i would also eat her out and send her home well f***** and eaten

  • I would just let it go, your wife has found out she loves men, and women. Besides it isn't like she is cheating on you with a man. I hardly consider it cheating.

  • Do I hear a threesome???

  • I don't think I could f*** another mans wife,(especially Rebecca) while she is eating my wife's p****. It was strange seeing Rebecca nude let alone seeing what I saw. Rebecca and her husband teach Sunday school, and have weekly Bible studies at their house.
    When we have pool parties, Rebecca will wear a one piece, and a huge t-shirt over it, while her husband will wear swim trunks, he too will wear a t-shirt. They get in the pool with their t-shirts on! They never come off.
    If anything, I still will never be able to figure out how my wife got Rebecca to turn l****.
    My wife has never mentioned wanting 3 ways, or anything that kinky when it comes to s**. Go figure.

  • My wife denies being attracted to women. But, I know better. My wife has some "Tomgirl" like ways, that alone however, is not why I'm certain she is. I'm fairly certain she's never acted on it. My wife likes strong women, in moveis in life, particularly if they are very heroic. She comments in how hot they are, it seems like she is fantasizing about an encounter. There is no question I do it for her while she c++++ 5 or more times. But, I've had women in the past that were bi.. the characteristics are unmistakable. Nevertheless, maybe one day the right situation will occur and she'll do it. Do I really want that? She couldn't handle a threesom, way to jealous and I'd be in some corner somewhere getting

  • Walk in on them one day. A ha. We have a winner. They probably be in the heat of thugs and may just invite you to join. But understandable. It would be wrong. Rebecca's husband never did anything wrong to you. If only Rebecca was not married

  • They are very good about not getting caught. The reason I believe they are still f******, is they have a work out class together M-W-F. I found out from one of the other ladies in the class that they do not show up on Wednesdays. My wife knows I can't get away from work on Wednesdays. I suspect they go to a motel to f***. My wifes p**** is kinda red and irritated on Wednesday night. Could it be because they are scissoring? Rebeccas p**** hair rubbing against my wifes bald p****? She says its her waxer.

  • Most likely they are doing what you are saying. If you feel like you are being lied to you should confront her about it. If you don't care you may as well let it go. If you want to join in, give her subtle hints about threesomes or her doing another woman and see how she responds. Also, if she does get her p**** waxed, she may get it from that and scissoring. Only he really knows.

  • Not sure anyone will see this, but while I won't let it go, if it had been a man I would of been furious. Since its a woman I am not as upset. Weird. I just wish she had come to me to discuss matters instead. She does love to f***, I can't keep up with her sometimes. I suppose that is why she is f****** Rebecca.

  • Cheating is cheating and you need to video it on your phone and confront her or them. It may not now bother you but it will erode the trust and openness of your marriage. Because it seems that this is more than her and Rebecca it is a three some with Rebecca and her husband.

  • On that basis, start a conversation as soon as possible, telling her that you saw her in bed with another woman and want to hear from her what it means.

    Don’t be surprised if she becomes defensive … as you say, it’s not an easy chat.

    But if you can maintain the same tone as you did in this email, tell her that you simply want the truth so you can figure out together how this does, or does not, affect your marriage.

    You’ll know soon enough if she’s wrestling with a sexual identity crisis, has deep problems with your marriage or whether the incident was an aberration on her part.

  • U like to f***

  • Things** not thugs

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