Chris and Bruce again

Shirley here. Hi Helen Sophie Kerry and everybody else. Chris rang as usual on Wednesday evening with my instructions for Thursday afternoon meeting with him with Bruce across at his garage but this time instead of normal clothes I was told to be wearing my red Basque, knickers and stockings but no other clothes except a coat. I had told him about my Basque and my various undies the last time we met (stupid thing I suppose) and also while he was on the phone AGAIN while my family were in the same room actually taunted me saying was I embarrassed talking to him? Obviously I was but also I was secretly getting worked up again particularly when he mentioned about watching Bruce F*** me again. Anyway like last week the time seemed to fly by until I had to change and walk across town with Bruce meeting Chris and on the way like last week it seemed everybody knew what I was wearing but also I could actually feel the wind against my skin because my coat is only just above my knees. Anyway when I got there Chris was waiting outside saying we would go to the local cafe for a coffee first but first I had to give him a quick flash of my undies to make sure that's all I had on and all the time we were in the cafe he was describing what he wanted this time talk about embarrassing this obviously was part of the humiliation process showing me up. After our drinks we went back to his garage telling me to take off just my coat and put on my collar then to bend over but first unzip his jeans and taste his D*** and make him clean and hard because he wants his bit before I let Bruce "service me " Believe me this was really pushing the humiliation part and particularly making sure he told me he has never actually f***** a fat 30-year-old fat woman and with him being 24 (but here I am letting a younger man completely dominate me) so here I am Chris hanging onto my head making sure I am really sucking making a point of wobbling my belly, t***, and bottom also telling BRUCE it is his turn next. Before he actually came he pulled out with me still bent over yanking my knickers down taking me that way quite roughly hanging on to my "love handles" until I could feel him coming. I honestly thought that he wouldn't bother with Bruce but how wrong I was because all he did was sit down ORDERING me to strip completely because now it's time for Bruce telling me to get down like Bruce because now Bruce was doing his usual prancing around and because I had stripped completely He knows that it is time for him when I am naked. Getting down after having Chris I was already trembling. Bruces D*** was already pushing out of his sheath but Chris demanded that I worked on Bruces D*** first to make it even harder needless to say there was no stopping Bruce I have never actually felt Bruce as frantic as he did right now instead of the usual prodding around first he found my F**** straightaway immediately wrapping his front legs around my waist pushing in my F**** and pounding like there was no tomorrow I have never felt him like this before in actual fact I was a bit worried but right at that moment there was nothing I could do obviously. It took him a couple of minutes before I could feel him starting to swell inside me until as usual I was starting to feel really stretched this is when he actually came at the same time I started to actually c** myself much to Chris's enjoyment but the intense feeling I was getting was actually more powerful than ever I have had before ashamed to say more than with my husband. By now Bruce had "dismounted" but still "knotted" inside me so bottom to bottom we were still attached until Bruce got smaller then I could feel him actually drop out of my F**** but instead of walking away he actually turned and started licking my bottom again but I actually got up but still with shaky legs I did give him a big cuddle even with Chris still being there watching but now it was time for me to get cleaned up as best as I could and dressed so I could get of home and back to reality with my family but not before Chris giving me a quick grope saying he couldn't wait till next time because he wants me face to face with Bruce but after reading this through before I send it to all of you reading it what have I become meaning Chris controlling me and I suppose enjoying also obviously with Bruce?

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  • Hey Shirley how about an update darling, your stories get me a bit h**** sweetie, Helen xx

  • Hi girls, Middy is learning very fast, I have him two or three times a week now he knows when his socks go on he is going to mount me my husband does not have to assist but occassionally gives him a little pull to ensure he is as hard and big as he can get, he likes us playing with his d*** and nuts and does not mind me masturbating him, after he o****** deep in me almost all the time he knots and turns bum to bum with me that feels real sexy being locked like that we are going to have him wait for his next mounting so he has a very large load we are going to torment him a bit with hubby going doggy into me on the mat with the same sheet we put down for Middy, he has to learn who the master and mistress are in our relationship, hubby and I are going to have a nice 69er this afternoon on our bed we have only had doggy in the lounge since we got Middy, we are interested to see if Middy will come in and try to join we are going to leave the door open .All the best Kerry

  • You are going great Kerry, you sound like a natural girl, the training you have in place is excellent and certainly the dog has to be denied quite often so he knows the master is top of the family then the mistress and they are be obeyed, if he tries to push in on your 69er put his lead on and loop it over the door k*** so he has to watch but ignore him while you enjoy your husband, all the best darling Helen and Brownie, my husband is cleaning the cars and yard so I am going to have a session with Brownie then when he comes in we will shower together and have a*** doggy style on the lounge mat we both adore that xx

  • Good morning ladies, went out last night with Jane, we both had our 1st black c****. Two black men bought us drinks and we f***** them in the car park. The myth that black men have huge c**** is a myth but it was a nice f***. We had better lesbian s** when we got home.

  • Sofia I think you would like it if I called you a slutty s** addict, I hope you don't get any diseases

  • We always use protection when we go out f******

  • Thank you everybody for your comments although I know I should be ashamed of myself I actually are nervously looking forward to Chris ringing if he calls tomorrow night

  • There is nothing to be ashamed of darling, your a woman who is enjoying doggy s** and humiliation, the black man who f***** me last night called me a fat white S*** as he f***** me, it was a huge turn on for me as I watched his mate f*** Jane. Sofia xx

  • Go for it girl. Sofia xx

  • Thank you darling, your posts are so very good, clearly you are submissive to Chris and you love it, once a week would not be too bad for your humiliation, I really hope your husband does not find out, front on eh !! better start practising darling, have a good time Shirley, Helen and Brownie xx

  • I love it. I ve read every post so far and it gets better xxx

  • Were u wearing boots or heels with your stockings?

  • Wow Shirley, that sounds fantastic. I'd still like to lick your lovely c***. Love you darling. Sofia xx

  • Sofia sweetie you appear to want to lick every girl out, have a good time with Spike, Helen and Brownie xx

  • Just Jane and you girls, in our little group. You are all so sexy. Sofia xx

  • That is so very nice Sofia but I think I will stick with my man and Brownie all the best, Helen xx

  • Hi Helen glad you are happy with your two c**** and enjoying Brownie. I'm just an old s***. Sofia xx

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