Just wondering?

Lot of , talk on this site about nude wife /girlfriend pics, so here's my two cents worth. was recently taking nude pictures of my wife with my phone when she asked why I was using my phone instead of our camera? I told her Jokingly ," so I can show them to the guys at work". She sorta smiled and said " that's what I thought ". I have two questions. First, would you take that response as, it's OK to show them? And second how would u ladies feel if someone showed or posted flattering nude pics if you? I just uploaded two very hot pics of my wife without her knowledge.

Oct 27, 2016

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  • Kind of hard to say. Do you think she was giving you the okay to show them? What kind of pics where they? Were they implied nude or full frontal leaving nothing to the imagination? Let's assume they were implied nude you could say something like "I showed this one (and show her the pic) to Bob and he said you were hot and would love to see more of you. If she doesn't kick you in the b**** and break your phone then odds are she's okay with it. I have posted photos of my wife on flickr (this was years ago) but all of them were cropped enough that you couldn't identify her.

  • I reckon it's okay to show them then, if she still posed for the pics. I did a similar thing with my girlfriend and she now posts anonymous pics of herself on twitter. It's all h**** stuff. Have fun!

  • Wats her twitter handle

  • ?? Explain.

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