Seduced by girlfriends brother

My GF's brother came back from the army. I had not seen him for about 4 years. I am now 17 he is29. His wife took my GF shopping while we were going to play squash.

I was getting changed in my room when he walked in on me while I was naked. I have obviously grown since he last saw me and I must admit I have a big c***. He saw it strated laughing and teasing me saying things like "do you know what to do with that thing" etc. I tried to hide it by turning away next thing he's behind me and grabbs it laughing. Ther I am trying to wrestle my c*** out of his hands. He is about 6 5 while I am 5 9 he has his arms round my back and he has hold of my b**** and c*** at the bottom. He then starts to waggle it laughing. I had never had anybody touch my c*** other than myself. So the next thing I know is I am rock hard!

The teasing then goes up a nothch. He starts saying that I am a f***** and I want him to f*** me etc. he also stopped waggling it and basically he was stroking it up and down with one hand and massaging my b**** with the other. I did not know what was happening except for the fact that I knew if this did not stop he would make me c**. So I tried one last time for freedom but he was not letting go. He said "you know you like it dont you admit it" "go on" and i just found myself saying "yes". I just leaned back against his chest dropped my hands and just let the pleasure was over me. Before I knew it my toes started to tingle I swear the o***** was all over my body. i found myself moaning like a woman in a p*** movie. it was the best o***** of my life by light years. I came everywhere it went miles.

When I finished he turned me around dropped his tracksuit bottoms to reveal a monster erection. He siad its my turn now. i reached for that thing but he siad not wioth that. Pushed medown by my head and told me to suck it. I did.

He texts me when ever he wnats me I am basically his b**** but i love it.He f**** me up my a*** makes me dress up everything.I have it so bad that when I read any text he sends I get hard. My family would implode if they ever found out but I just cant stop.


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  • It's fake perverted literature

  • Wow i cummed over that

  • WOW... You have issues. You need to figure out what you really want before it's too late. The longer you keep this up the more SOMEBODY will get hurt.

  • why dont u ask urself what u really want not about what everyone else thinks

  • lol got me wet!

  • reading that made my c**

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