Foot Fettish

I have got this obsession with woman's feet. They really make me h**** as h***. My wife loves me massaging her feet but nothing else! When I am massaging her feet I get really turned on and imagine it was my c*** between her toes and not my fingers. I have tried to suck on her toes during foreplay but she pulled away and said it does nothing for her!!!!
Once when she was really drunk and passed out in bed with her feet over my side of the bed. I tried moving them as I tried to get into bed then realised this was my chance. She still had her short skirt and black leggens on and her bare feet were together at a perfect place. I got into bed and got my rock hard c*** out and gently placed it under her feet and slowly started to f*** them. Then I realised I wasn't going to get this chance again so I reached down the side of the bed and got my phone and turned on the video camera. I waited to make sure the light was not going to affect her but I don't think anything would that night.
I positioned my c*** between her big toe on her left foot a push my c*** between her toes. It took a few thrusts to get my c*** right through as it was so tight. I started to f*** her toes as I recorded it on my phone and the light from the phone meant I had a perfect view.
I f***** them till I couldn't hold back any more and came all over her right foot. I kept my c*** between her toes for a little while then slid it out and turned the camera on my phone off.
I then made sure that it recorded ok. My phone has an hd camera on it and the video was better than I could ever have imagined!!!!!
The thing is this has made me want to f*** woman's feet even more and I know I'm not going to get to f*** my wife's feet !!
I have the video but that's not enough!
Where can you find someone to f*** there feet????

Aug 27, 2012

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  • Show her the video maybe it will turn her on ... Ask her what fantasy she needs fulfilled ... My wife does what ever I want at least sometimes she can't stand me Sucking her toes but she let's me do it for a few seconds during foreplay because I give her all the massages she wants its what she wants in return .. she will also rub my D*** when I massage her feet ...give and take relationship

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