I got caught spying

Last weekend my sister in law, my and I went to the bar, We stayed pretty late and drank quite a bit then we walked the three blocks home, We got home, I paid the baby sitter and then I went straight to bed, I woke up about a half hour later when my wife flopped into bed and had to pee so I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, When I went back to our room I heard noises from the spare room, I walked up to the door which was open just a crack and listened, I could hear my wifes little sister making whimpering noises, I leaned over and peeked in the crack of the door, She had her bum facing the door, Panties pulled down and they were just around one ankle, She had her left leg over a pillow and was squeezing it between her thighs, With the little bit of moonlight coming in I could see her very nice bum, She started grinding h****** the pillow then jerked her hips and stuck her bum out, I could see her hole and everything, She grunted a couple times then let out a moan and a sigh and slowly moved her hips a bit more then rolled onto her back with her legs flopped wide open, She has big b**** but I didn't realize how big they were, Those are at least a D-cup, possibly DD and super firm looking, She is totally shaved and has a nice looking v*****.
I snuck away from the door back to my room trying to be quiet but bumped the desk on my way by, I quickly crawled into bed and laid there, It was only about 5 seconds and I heard foot steps, I laid in bed peeking out of one eye and my wifes sister showed up at our door, She was wearing a housecoat and she stood there looking at me, She quietly stepped into the room, Leaned over and looked at me, I pretended to be asleep and she left.
Sunday morning I woke up with the kids and made breakfast then coffee and a bit later my wifes sister woke up, She didn't say anything about it until the kids went downstairs to play video games, I was sitting at the breakfast bar and she stood across from me, I could tell she was trying to figure out what to say and finally she said "Were you up last night?", I said "What do you mean?", She said "I thought I heard a noise after I went to bed", I tried to lie but felt my face get warm and I knew I was turning red, I said "Oh, yeah I got up to pee when (Insert wifes name here) came to bed.
She just stood there looking at me and I could feel my face burning, After a long awkward silence she took a deep breath and let out a sigh then said "You were awake when I came into your room?", I nodded my head, She said "Did you see or just hear me?", I put my head down and she said "Well...that's embarrassing", I couldn't tell if she was angry, upset, embarrassed or what she was feeling but she looked at me and said "How much did you see?", I told her "Everything", She put her head down and said "F***", She looked at me and said "I am sorry, can we just pretend it never happened and go back to normal", I said "Absolutely, That's what I want", She said "Um...Of course I would prefer that you not tell my sister that you seen me naked or that you seen me doing that", I chuckled and said "of course, She would freak if she knew I seen you naked", She looked a bit puzzled and said "really, Why?", I said "Well...you haven't had three kids and your body is...Well...Amazing".
She turned red and said "Ok...So...this never happened?", I said "What never happened?", She giggled nervously and said "Ok".
We haven't spoke since but I have seen her every night when I close my eyes, WOW, what a body.

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  • The way you end it, wow what a body, sounds like you've moved on to necrophilia.

  • Do you even know what that means, That is having s** with corpses, She is not dead, She is sexy.

  • Hahahahaha this exchange

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