I'm still human

Today a girl said "hi" to me at at store. I have no disabilities and I took it as a compliment. I 'VE AWAYS had a hard face and been accused of being unapprocabable. I thank that to usmc . Thank you Jenna for the smile

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  • It's nice to get a look or brief conversation sometimes...Makes us feel good. I've had many of these interactions, where you take it at face value, and say "Well, that was nice". One such unexpected interaction became a long-time female friend of mine. Way out of my league gorgeous, yet, we get a long great just as friends.

  • Get over yourself Semperfag.

  • Heed thy own advice, gutless coward.

  • Semper Fi, Devil Dog. I happens to me as well.

  • Son's previous gf was wonderful. Very pretty. Always said hello and talked.

    Nothing sexual. Just pleasant. very mature 14yo. just a really nice kid.

  • It's nice as an old man when a pretty young girl talks to you.

  • By that I don't mean anything dirty. I sometimes wonder if the girls think that by ignoring you is benefitting anyone.

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