Female Attraction

I'm with a loving man and I love him dearly. We have a special partnership and always have a laugh, whatever we do together. Our s** life is enjoyable and I always achieve a o***** with him.

Last month I broached the topic with him inregards to, my growing attraction towards women. I felt I should be honest with him. I conveyed I don't want to pursue another partner, as I love him. But I asked him, if I could explore my sexuality with a female escort, as a one off thing. He appeared ok with this and confirmed he was.
I know I'm a lucky woman, to have such an understanding man in my life.

Honesty, is liberating! :-)

Nov 10, 2016

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  • I think you should find a woman to have a threesome with you and your husband. At least then both of you would get some enjoyment out of it.

  • I'd love my boyfriend to participate in a threesome with a woman and I, but he doesn't want to. It's his choice and preference, I respect that. Just like he respects my choices and preferences.

    My partner and I have a very honest, loving, communicative and loyal relationship. We're best friends, confidant's and lovers. He supports me in my life choices and with anything in general, I do the same for him. We have mutual respect for each other and our relationship works for us. It's not dysfunctional, abusive, destructive and consumed with unhappiness, it's a healthy, functional, happy, supportive and loving relationship. We're very fortunate to have met each other. Some people aren't as fortunate as us.

    I understand your point, but you don't know my partner and myself. You're basing your assumptions and judgements on my confession and your personal morals.

    We're a great couple and honest to each other, without a fault. Communication, honesty and respect is the key to a good relationship in my opinion and we have that.

  • I'm a dominant lesbian 60 and busty (40dd) I would love to train you I'm the art of female on female s**. I can also be submissive for the right woman

  • Do you reside in the UK

  • Yes, Birmingham

  • I'm from West Yorkshire

  • I also wish you find a real good female on female educator mine was quite dominant but that was exactly what I needed I was often spanked or paddled, wore a collar and lead, going around the house on all fours naked and endlessly pleasing her sexually, she taught me everything even pleasing me all over and in every body area also she could hold me right on the edge of o***** till she permitted me to c** and that was often, I now have a really nice non leso looking or acting girlfriend and we have a fantastic relationship all with the approval of my husband, that is the most important thing to me because we have great s** together but that girl on girl is so good, I am the dominant one now

  • So very sexy you are certainly having a fantastic time

  • I hope you find a trainer like I did, she had a full set up house out of town, initially we met and had a coffee both agreeing what was required, the first time I went to her house it was just talking she had me nude and complimented me on my body and looks getting me in the spa then giving me a sensual massage but no real s**, it took 4 visits before she started playing with me in every way I can tell you I was screaming for her to do as she wanted with me, she did and taught me everything about female to female s** I still spend a lot of money with her but it is really worth it, my husband is very understanding and we have a really good s** life but that female on female is so good, you will like it a lot

  • You sound like such a fantastic person sweetheart obviously your man is great as well, I feel certain you will have a wonderful girl on girl experience, we did that but my husband decided not to watch till I was comfortable and had some experience after that eventually I met at work a real nice girl that felt the same way and we have had a terrific relationship for 2 years she is younger and we all quite love each other but my husband only has s** with me, he now watches when he feels like it but it is not a big deal for us, we have a large amount of toys and enjoy every one, we also love role playing me always being the dom so she gets the odd spanking

  • You are very lucky, with my husbands approval I had a female educate me in female sexual relationships, she was quite a bit older but very patient and trained me so well, I am now teaching a much younger girl I met at work she is so keen to please, she often comes to our house for s** with me and we take her on holidays because people think she is our daughter, my husband and I still have a very complete sexual relationship occassionally she watches us and my husband watches my girlfriend and I not all the time just when he likes, he also showers with both of us shaving our p******, we have a fabulous relationship

  • It sounds liberating and erotic!

  • My wife tongue kissed another lady. I was really excited by it. I did not feel threatened at all. Later I told her that. I encouraged her to explore that but she said once was enough. The other lady's husband though felt really threatened. He got tense and angry.

  • Lol he probably thought his wife would decide to ditch him for a woman, if she preferred kissing a woman, compared to kissing him :)

  • You are so very lucky darling it is refreshing to hear such honesty, your man is just great, watching will be very good for him, I am certain you will enjoy your first experience make sure you get an older women that knows the way to please you and ensure you are comfortable with your first time, bet it is not the last, start looking at some of your female friends that could be that way inclined you only need one nice one not to be leso's but just to enjoy each other, hope it all works out sweetie

  • Thank you :)

  • Please let us know how everything goes in fine detail darling, you sound like a fantastic lady

  • I will :)

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